How much does it cost to hunt whitetails in Saskatchewan?

How much does it cost to hunt whitetails in Saskatchewan?

Whitetail Deer hunts are $5500 US plus tax and licenses or $6500 CAN plus tax and licenses (License is $445 CAN). Cost includes meals, lodging, alcohol, winter package, trophy prep, pickup and drop off in Saskatoon.

Where is the best deer hunting in Saskatchewan?

THE BEST WHITETAIL DEER The GGO & WTO outfitters borders a provincial park and the boreal forest and runs along farmlands. Here you are guaranteed to find an abundance of quality world class game!

Where is the best hunting in Saskatchewan?

Many Saskatchewan outfitters hunt in or near the provincial forest, approximately 30 miles south east of Meadow Lake. Consisting of thousands and thousands of acres of invigorating wilderness, Saskatchewan offers the best deer habitat and White Tail deer genetics in the Saskatchewan region.

Where is the cheapest place hunting?

10 Affordable DIY Hunting Road Trips for 2020

  • Colorado Elk. The Centennial State harbors the world’s largest population of Rocky Mountain elk — over 300,000 animals strong.
  • Texas Hogs.
  • South Dakota Pheasant.
  • Wyoming Pronghorn.
  • Kansas Whitetail.
  • Idaho Black Bear.
  • Arizona Coues Deer.
  • Nebraska Turkey.

How much does a trophy whitetail hunt cost?

Limited trophy hunts available for deer over 145 to 170 B&C. These hunts are $3500.00 plus trophy fees of $200/inch from 145 inches to 160 inches gross B&C. Trophies from 160 to 170 inches gross B&C will include all previous fees up to 160 inches + $400/inch up to 170 inches.

Can you hunt on Sundays in Saskatchewan?

Hunters will enjoy an additional day of hunting in Saskatchewan, with province-wide Sunday hunting for all game species and hunters beginning with the 2009 hunting season. This will bring Saskatchewan in line with the vast majority of North American jurisdictions, which already have Sunday hunting.

Where are the biggest whitetail deer in Canada?

B&C World’s Record – Typical Whitetail Deer

  • SCORE: 213-5/8.
  • LOCATION: Biggar, Saskatchewan.
  • HUNTER: Milo N. Hanson.
  • OWNER: Milo N. Hanson.
  • DATE: 1993.

Can you hunt mule deer in Saskatchewan?

Hunting to manage the numbers of antelope, mule deer and elk is reserved for residents of Saskatchewan. Most seasons are managed by computer-draw, although there are open seasons for elk in some areas. Residents can also hunt moose, black bear and white-tails on over-the-counter tags.

Are there elk in Saskatchewan?

The 15 000 elk in Saskatchewan are mostly in the southern fringe of the boreal forest north of Prince Albert and in the Moose Mountain, Cypress Hills, and Duck Mountain areas in the south of the province.

Where can I hunt moose in Canada?

Big Sand Lake Lodge has the largest moose hunting territory that is exclusive to any one operator in all of Canada. In this vast wilderness, you will commence your hunt for the largest member of the deer family. And, large they are! A bull moose in full spread of antlers is the most imposing beast in North America.

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