How much does it cost to go to Mt Olympus Water Park?

How much does it cost to go to Mt Olympus Water Park?

Park tickets online or at the gate are only $10.00! Regular admission $45.00 + tax.

Can I bring water into Mt Olympus?

We do not allow guest to bring outside food or beverage into the Mt. Olympus Theme Park and Water Park.

How much is Mount Olympus for a night?

Rates Starting As Low As $39.99 Per Night! – Mt. Olympus Water & Theme Park.

How much is a day pass at Wisconsin Dells?

Day passes may be available for purchase based upon availability for a price of $44.99 per weekday for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays year-round, and $49.99 per Weekend for Friday, Saturday or Sundays; please call to learn if day passes are available on dates you wish to visit.

Is Mount Olympus free?

Olympus Water Park & Theme Park Admission Is FREE With Stay! Water & Theme Park Exclusive For Resort Guests Only! Receive A Bonus Day At The Park Upon Check Out!

Do you have to wear a bathing suit at Wisconsin Dells?

Dress Code Clothing with inappropriate words, phrases, or graphics is prohibited. Wearing proper footwear is required when not in the water. Bathing suits should be of an appropriate attire for a family park. Sunscreen is highly recommended.

Is Mount Olympus worth visiting?

Well worth it – this was a beautiful trail and scenery was breath-taking! Then continued up to Refuge A and then to the summit, Mitikas, Greece’s highest point. The last section to the summit is pretty precarious, so if you up for heights, then its ok, otherwise it was scary at times.

Is Mt Olympus for adults?

Individuals under 48” (122 cm) in height must be accompanied by an adult.

Is Zeus from Mount Olympus?

Zeus is the sky and thunder god in ancient Greek religion, who rules as king of the gods of Mount Olympus. His name is cognate with the first element of his Roman equivalent Jupiter.

How much does it cost to get into Wisconsin Dells water park?

The largest waterpark in the United States, Noah’s Ark water Park, charges $38.99 for general admission tickets. Children and seniors will pay $28.99 for admission. Season passes are also available and quite reasonable, starting at $49.99.

How much is Wisconsin Dells water park?

You can enjoy all of the water slides and pools at the water park at Great Wolf Lodge in Wisconsin Dells with a Day Pass. Half Day Passes start at $30 per person and Full Day Passes start at $40 per person. Passes are free for children ages 2 and under.

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