How much did the 2012 presidential race cost?

How much did the 2012 presidential race cost?

› When all was said and done, Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, the two major party candidates for president in 2012, spent close to $1.12 billion — not counting the millions more spent by the parties and outside groups. Overall, the presidential race cost more than $2.6 billion in that cycle.

What are the best sites to read about the 2012 election?

Democracy in Action: P2012 – A great site has lots of detailed information on the 2012 Presidential contest. Published by Eric Appleman of GWU. Eric has been covering the White House races starting with the 2000 elections. Very useful, well balanced.

How did Mitt Romney win the 2012 Republican presidential nomination?

Newt Gingrich’s exit from the race on May 2 left him against Ron Paul and Fred Karger. His win in Texas on May 29 finally accumulated enough delegates to mathematically secure him the nomination. Romney was officially announced as the 2012 Republican presidential nominee on August 28, 2012.

Is Bachmann officially in the 2012 presidential race?

“Bachmann: Officially in 2012 Race”. The Wall Street Journal. Retrieved June 27, 2011. ^ King, John (January 4, 2012). “Bachmann ends GOP presidential bid”.

Who was the Republican nominee for president in 2012?

This article contains the results of the 2012 Republican presidential primaries and caucuses, which resulted in the nomination of Mitt Romney as the Republican nominee for President of the United States.

What does the 2021 election mean for the 2024 Republican nomination?

The 2021 election reinforced the difficult path that lies ahead for Democrats in their efforts to keep unified control of Washington, particularly with President Biden’s numbers having declined. And the jockeying for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination began long ago.

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