How many dams are there in Kurdistan?

How many dams are there in Kurdistan?

Over 30 dams of varying sizes exist within the Region, according to the Kurdistan Region’s Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources, with a total capacity of 10 billion cubic metres of water.

Where is Zab River?

The Great Zab or Upper Zab (Arabic: الزاب الكبير (al-Zāb al-Kabīr), Kurdish: Zêy Badînan or Zêyê Mezin, Turkish: Zap, Syriac: ܙܒܐ ܥܠܝܐ (zāba ʻalya)) is an approximately 400-kilometre (250 mi) long river flowing through Turkey and Iraq. It rises in Turkey near Lake Van and joins the Tigris in Iraq south of Mosul.

Who built Dukan Dam?

It impounds the Little Zab, thereby creating Lake Dukan. The Dukan Dam was built between 1954 and 1959 whereas its power station became fully operational in 1979….Dukan Dam.

Dukan (Dokan) Dam
Type of dam Cylindrical arch
Impounds Little Zab
Height 116.5 m (382 ft)
Length 360 m (1,180 ft)

What is the best dam can be implemented in Iraq and why?

Mosul Dam (Arabic: سد الموصل), formerly known as Saddam Dam (سد صدام), is the largest dam in Iraq. It is located on the Tigris river in the western governorate of Nineveh, upstream of the city of Mosul….

Mosul Dam
Installed capacity 1,052 MW (1,411,000 hp)
Annual generation 3,420 gigawatt-hours (12,310 TJ)

What does Zab mean?


Acronym Definition
ZAB Zoning Adjustments Board (Berkeley, CA)
ZAB Zinc-Air Battery
ZAB Zweckverband Abfallverwertung Bazenheid (German; Swiss waste disposal company)
ZAB Zaragoza Air Base (Spain)

What is special about Dokan?

Dukan has long been famous across Kurdistan and Iraq because of its lake. It later gained more prominence after the construction of the Dukan Dam. Seventy km from Sulaymaniyah, it is a small town with wonderful nature, which draws tourists from home and abroad. Many national festivities are celebrated in Dukan.

What is the biggest lake in Kurdistan?

Dukan lake
Biggest lake in Kurdistan – Dukan lake.

What does Zob stand for?


Acronym Definition
ZOB Zentraler Omnibus Bahnhof (German: Central Bus Station)
ZOB Zydowska Organizacja Bojowa (Jewish Fighting Organization; Warsaw Ghetto)
ZOB Zébu Overseas Bank (humanitarians promoving rural development in Madagascar Island)
ZOB Zuid-Oost Brabant (Dutch: South-East Brabant; Netherlands)

Is ZiB a word?

No, zib is not in the scrabble dictionary.

Whats the most beautiful part of Kurdistan?

Dukan lake Resort The famous Dukan Lake is one of the most beautiful sites in the Kurdistan region. Surrounded by circular yellow and green hills, the bright blue lake is ideal for swimming, boating, and fishing. A visit is highly recommended.

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