How long do cats live after being diagnosed with lymphoma?

How long do cats live after being diagnosed with lymphoma?

Cats with lymphoma who are not treated with chemotherapy have an average survival time of 4 weeks once the diagnosis has been made. Cats with intestinal lymphoma who are treated with prednisone alone have a life expectancy of 60-90 days.

How long can a cat live with large cell lymphoma?

Large cell lymphoma can also be treated with an oral drug called CCNU; median survival time for responding cats is approximately 8 months. Cats with gastrointestinal small cell lymphoma have a longer prognosis (2-3 years or more) but require chronic treatment with oral medications at home.

What causes high-grade lymphoma in cats?

Viruses FeLV and FIV often cause lymphoma in cats. Vaccination against FeLV and testing for both these viruses help with disease prevention and spread. Avoiding contact with FeLV or FIV-infected cats and areas with smoke can also prevent lymphoma in cats.

Is lymphoma always fatal in cats?

“The prognosis for lymphoma depends on many factors.” High-grade gastrointestinal lymphoma, however, does not respond as well to treatment. Only 25-50% of cats with high-grade lymphoma achieve remission with treatment.

How long can a cat with lymphoma live on steroids?

A median survival time of 1-2 months is associated with prednisone use alone for high grade lymphoma.

When should I euthanize my cat with lymphoma?

If your pet has rapid weight loss, is weak, starts to eat less, has vomiting or diarrhea, then it may be time to euthanize.

Should I put my cat through chemotherapy?

Cats tend to tolerate chemotherapy even better than dogs, and both tend to handle chemotherapy better than people. We have effective medications that can help minimize the most common side effects that may happen and help your pet get through them more quickly.

Can a cat beat lymphoma?

70% of cats will achieve remission for 2-3 years using this protocol. The cat will need regular blood tests. Chemotherapy drugs (like chlorambucil) kill cells, cancer cells and healthy cells so they must be carefully handled.

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