How is Semana Santa celebrated in Seville Spain?

How is Semana Santa celebrated in Seville Spain?

Sevilla, Spain Every day of Holy Week comes with religious processions in Sevilla. Accompanied by hooded penitents, elaborate floats bearing statues of Mary or Jesus are carried on the shoulders of strong men walking to churches through narrow streets lined with crowds.

Does all of Spain celebrate Semana Santa in the same way?

Celebrations are slightly different throughout the country, but Holy Week in Andalusia kicks off on Palm Sunday and goes through to Easter Sunday, with the most important days and Easter processions being towards the end of Semana Santa.

What color is the Paso dedicated to El Cristo?

The pasos dedicated to El Cristo, which depict scenes from the Passion, are usually floats covered in gold. You will notice different kinds and sizes depending on the number of figures on top of it (up to 13 in the case of La Cena, the last supper!).

Why is Seville known for Semana Santa?

The city is specially decorated for this time of year for the passage of the brotherhoods, and also for the thousands of visitors. In Seville, Semana Santa is, in short, a phenomenon that was born long ago that, for different reasons, has remained extraordinarily faithful in modern times.

What are the traditions of Semana Santa?

Semana Santa Traditions A popular tradition across the country is to break cascarones, or colored eggshells filled with confetti, over friends and family. Another common tradition is the Passion Play, or the reenactment of the Passion of Christ.

What happens in Seville at Easter?

Easter Week is Seville’s main fiesta. It’s a celebration which reaches levels of aesthetic and spiritual intensity that make it unique among all Easter Week celebrations. From Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday, nearly sixty confraternities take to the streets to bring the Passion and Death of Christ to life.

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