How hard is Upper Mustang trek?

How hard is Upper Mustang trek?

The Upper Mustang trek has a difficulty grade of moderate level. This is not as comfortable as the easy treks nor as difficult as the strenuous level treks. However, you can modify the difficulty level of the Upper Mustang trek like most treks to a certain degree to suit your needs.

Why was the Upper Mustang trek made?

The Upper Mustang trek is the ultimate gateway to the mysterious world of the old Buddhist kingdom of Mustang, also called Lo. Once forbidden and isolated from the rest of the world for decades, the area was able to evolve within its own distinctive culture and rich traditions closely tied to Tibet.

How long is Upper Mustang trek?

Upper Mustang trek offers a spectacular trekking experience in the remote trans-Himalayan mountain region of Nepal. The 17-day trip begins in Kathmandu with tours of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Then we drive to Pokhara and fly to Jomsom the next day and begin trekking.

What is Upper Mustang famous for?

3) Hidden Kingdom in the trans-Himalayan Land: Upper Mustang is known as the Last Forbidden Kingdom in the trans-Himalayan region of Nepal keeping the Tibetan Buddhist culture intact. Upper Mustang was restricted by the Government of Nepal for foreign trekkers until 1992 due to some strategical problems.

Why is Upper Mustang restricted?

It is all due to border security and to reduced the illegal activities in the border between two countries. The first solid reason that Upper mustang as the restricted area could be because of the open border with Tibet China.

Is Manang and Mustang same?

The district, with Chame as its district headquarters, covers an area of 2,246 km2 (867 sq mi) and had a population (2011) of 6,538. The pass of Thorung La at 5415 meters above the sea connects the district to Mustang District by providing a route between the towns of Manang and Muktinath.

Why do tourists visit Mustangs?

Lower Mustang is well-known for natural scenery while upper Mustang is famous for its trekking and hiking trails, monasteries, caves and local tribes. This destination is rich in vegetation with a range of rhododendron plantations, apple fields and is strong with Buddhist culture.

How do I get to Lo Manthang?

To reach Lo Manthang brace yourselves for a journey of a lifetime – it’s in one of the remotest places on earth. There are no direct flights from UK to Kathmandu, then you need to fly to Pokhara in the Kathmandu Valley and then another flight, which is very weather dependent, over the Annapurnas to Jomsom in Mustang.

Was Mustang a part of Tibet?

Cut off from the world on the edge of the Tibetan plateau, Mustang has been part of Nepal since the 18th century, but its traditional Tibetan culture has survived in isolation.

How do I get from Pokhara to Mustang?

From Pokhara, they can take a taxi, bus or rent a bike to Pokhara. On Prithvi Highway, it takes around 6-8 hours to reach Jomsom which is the starting point of the Lo Kingdom in Upper Mustang. Visitors can take a flight to Jomsom airport which operates flights from Pokhara on a daily basis.

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