How does the Watts instant hot water recirculating system work?

How does the Watts instant hot water recirculating system work?

The pressure differential allows the cold and cool water in the hot water supply line to bypass into the cold water supply line at a low volume through the thermostatically controlled sensor valve, keeping the water in the hot water supply line at a “no-wait” temperature throughout the home.

How many watts does a hot water recirculating pump use?

Without a timer on the recirc pump it will run 24/7 and at up to 80 watts/hour (or 1,920 watts /day and 57,600 watts/month). And it will also waste copious amounts of natural gas since it is continually drawing on the hot water heater (usually heated by gas.

Is Watts and Grundfos the same?

Answer: Grundfos is our supplier, for the hot water sensor valves. This is the same product, if you look at the photo it will show our Watts logo. I hope this is helpful.

How fast does a recirculating pump work?

Because a recirculation pump with built-in controls runs only 3-4 minutes per hour, it is wise to stay with the simplest PSC-driven motor.

How long do recirculating pumps last?

How Long Do Recirculating Pumps Last? Most pumps – assuming you did not get a lemon – will last 10 to 15 years. The biggest factors that impact their life expectancy are the amount of water you use every day and the quality of the manufacturing.

How many watts is a circulating pump?

Around 60 watt of energy can be used by most central heating pumps that can be found in a domestic boiler. The amount of energy required to boil a kettle is less than this.

Does Grundfos make Watts?

How do you test a hot water recirculating pump?

Let the water run until it stops flowing. Then drain remaining water from Hot Water Heater spigot. Leave the faucet in the house open until the Hot Water Recirculating Pump Installation is complete. If the water does not stop flowing, check to make sure the water to the Hot Water Heater has been completely shut-off.

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