How does part time job work in Malaysia?

How does part time job work in Malaysia?

A ‘part-time employee’ is defined in the Act as an employee covered by the Act whose average hours of work as agreed with his/her employer do not exceed 70% of the normal hours of work of a full-time employee employed in a similar capacity in the same enterprise.

Which job is best for part time?

High-earning part-time jobs

  1. Bartender. Average Salary: ₹16,388 per month.
  2. Bank teller. Average Salary: ₹17,834 per month.
  3. Tour guide. Average Salary: ₹18,625 per month.
  4. Personal driver. Average Salary: ₹15,566 per month.
  5. Phlebotomist. Average Salary: ₹14,741 per month.
  6. School bus driver.
  7. Nanny.
  8. 8. Mail carrier.

How can I make money in Malaysia?

19 Different Ways To Make Extra Income Online Malaysia: Proven Ways To Earn Money Online

  1. Freelancer. Freelance work offers more flexibility to improve valuable skill sets.
  2. Blogger and Guest Blogger.
  3. Online Paid Surveys Respondent.
  4. Affiliate Marketer.
  5. YouTuber.
  6. TikTok Influencer.
  7. E-commerce Owner.
  8. Instagram Influencer.

How is salary calculated in Malaysia?

“Ordinary rate of pay” in this context is basically the employee’s “daily” wage, and is calculated by dividing the employee’s monthly salary by 26. “Hourly rate of pay” means the ordinary rate of pay divided by the normal hours of work.

Can I have 2 jobs?

The law does not prohibit people having two jobs. The big challenge for employers is that the employee may not be getting the required rest breaks and working beyond the weekly working time limit. This could mean you are in breach of the Working Time Regulations.

How can I make extra money in Malaysia?

  1. Be a Personal Shopper when You Travel Abroad. General.
  2. Design a Local Experience for Travelers to Your City/Town. Hospitable.
  3. Drive as a Grab Driver. Own A Vehicle.
  4. Turn Your Car into a Moving Billboard. Own A Vehicle.
  5. Rent Out Your Car for Money. Own A Vehicle.
  6. Running Simple Errands.
  7. Pet Sitting.
  8. Part-Time Babysitting.

What is the best side income?

30 Ways To Earn Extra Income From Home In India

  • 1) Freelancing. Becoming a freelancer is one of the most popular ways of making money from your home.
  • 2) Blogging.
  • 3) Start a YouTube Channel.
  • 4) Airbnb Hosting.
  • 5) Tutoring.
  • 6) Become an Online Consultant.
  • 7) Start Selling on E-commerce Websites.
  • 8) Earn from Social Media.

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