How do Zoroastrians marry?

How do Zoroastrians marry?

There are two stages to a Zoroastrian wedding, whether Parsi or Persian. In the first stage the bride and bridegroom, as well as their guardians sign a marriage contract. The second stage is the service followed by feasts and the celebrations, which traditionally last from 3 to 7 days.

Can Zoroastrians marry outside their religion?

Many Parsis who marry outside the faith face some family pressure and community scorn. However, under the laws that currently govern Mumbai’s Parsis, Zoroastrianism is inherited through fathers. Parsi men who marry out can include their children in Zoroastrian rituals and in population counts, but women cannot.

What is Parsi Sagan ritual?

Sagan: This ritual includes the presence of the bride and groom together. It is performed by the older females in both the families. The couple has to carry a coconut in their hands and wear a garland made of auspicious flowers. The women brush Kumkum or liquid vermilion on the couples shoes.

What is one marriage custom in Iran?

Persian weddings have a tradition called gol baroon, which translates to raining flowers. This typically occurs at the end of the reception. The bride and groom stand in the middle of the dance floor with their guests circling them and throwing flower petals on them as they dance and kiss.

Can Zoroastrians marry non Zoroastrians?

Decisions about dating and marriage can also be decisions about whether to stay within their community: Zoroastrianism is a patriarchal tradition, so the children of Zoroastrian women who marry outside the faith are not accepted, and even shunned, in many communities.

Can a Hindu marry a Parsi?

Unlike personal laws, which allow only a Hindu to marry another Hindu or a Muslim to marry a Muslim or a Parsi to marry a Parsi, the Special Marriages Act, 1954, allows people of different faiths to marry without giving up their religion.

What language do Parsis speak?

Language and religion Parsis are commonly seen speaking either Gujarati or English. But their native language is Avestan. Zoroastrianism was founded by Prophet Zoroaster in ancient Iran about 3,500 years ago. The Avesta is the primary collection of religious texts of Zoroastrianism.

Do Persian weddings have alcohol?

Alcohol is also served in most modern Persian wedding unless the couple is religious, as Islam does not allow the consumption of alcohol.

Can you marry into Zoroastrianism?

Zoroastrian weddings are a religious ceremony in Zoroastrianism in which two individuals, a man and a woman are united. In Zoroastrianism, marriage within the community is encouraged, and is greatly favored in religious texts.

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