How do you use habiter in a sentence?

How do you use habiter in a sentence?

Do you live in an apartment? Elle aime habiter en banlieue, habiter la banlieue. She likes living in the suburbs.

Is habiter masculine or feminine?

it is plural The rest is masculine….Living in – How to use “habiter à / en / au / aux”

J’habite en France. (feminine country)
J’habite à Madrid. (city)

What is the conjugation of habiter?

Learn How to Conjugate the French Verb Habiter (to Live)

Present Imperfect
tu habites habitais
il habite habitait
nous habitons habitions
vous habitez habitiez

Does aider use A or DE?

The final two sections discuss nouns and adjectives that are followed by de before an infinitive and verbs that require no preposition before the infinitive. The following verbs are followed by the preposition à: aider (help)

What is the meaning of habiter?

To live in
Verb. habiter. (transitive) To live in, to occupy (to have as a home.)

What is the meaning of habiter in English?

live inhabit dwell
Translation of “habiter” in English. Verb. live. inhabit. dwell.

Is habiter a word?

to live in ⇒ Il habite à Montpellier. → He lives in Montpellier. to live in town ⇒ Il habite en France.

Is habiter regular or irregular?

Habiter “to live” is a regular -er verb, however. The first person singular of avoir is ai.

What is the verb of habiter in French?

This table shows the conjugation of the French verb “habiter”….Participe Présent: habitant.

Présent Imparfait
je tu il/elle nous vous ils/elles habite habites habite habitions habitiez habitent je tu il/elle nous vous ils/elles habitasse habitasses habitât habitassions habitassiez habitassent

Is Reussir followed by A or DE?

Hi Drew, The expression ‘du premier coup’ means ‘at the first attempt’ or ‘on his first try’ so it has no bearing on réussir except to give you additional information. With ‘réussir à’ (and the other two verbs for to succeed in doing /to manage to do), it will be followed by another verb in the infinitive. J’ai réussi.

Is Permettre followed by De or a?

complete verb list

permettre de to allow, permit
persuader de to persuade to
projeter de to plan to/on
promettre de to promise to

What is the present tense of habiter in French?

The 6 Simple Tenses of the conjugated verb habiter – French for live in

Simple Tenses habiter
Present Présent live in habite habitent
Past Imperfect Imparfait lived in habitais habitaient
Simple Past Passé Simple lived in habitai habitèrent

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