How do you teach literature circles?

How do you teach literature circles?

Here are five tips that will help you to create literature circles that work:

  1. Set Clear Expectations. We often expect students to automatically know how to function in different settings.
  2. Give Every Student a Role.
  3. Create Routine.
  4. Use Timers.
  5. Individual Accountability.

How do you make a literature circle fun?

12 Activities to Use During Literature Circles or Your Next Novel…

  1. Text Based Drawings.
  2. Summary or Synthesis Tombstones.
  3. Mind Maps.
  4. Character Silhouettes.
  5. The Spirits of Christmas.
  6. Tweet Sheets.
  7. Literary Postcards.
  8. Personal Crests.

What is a literature circle activity?

Literature Circle Activity. Overview. Literature circles are a widely used reading response activity in current language arts classrooms. Divide students into discussion groups of three to five students. Assign each member of the group a specific role to fulfill during the discussion.

How do you start an elementary literature circle?


  1. For the first day of literature circles, I assign students their literature circle job and have them get together in their group to read the first chapter (or two).
  2. After the initial reading together, students go back to their desks and independently complete their job.

How do you explain literature circles to students?

Literature Circles allows students to become critical thinkers as they read, share thoughts, ask questions, and respond to reading selections. The key to successful Literature Circles is COLLABORATION. Give “book talks” • Student choice • Grouping • Determine amount to be read • Explain and assign roles • Model!

How long should literature circles last?

around four weeks
A typical round (completion of one book) of literature circles usually lasts around four weeks, but this is not an absolute for all situations. Now that you know how many weekly sessions you will hold and about how many weeks you would like to spend on a book, divide the books accordingly.

What is a literature circle in high school?

Literature Circles are student-centered reading groups guided primarily by student insights and questions. 2. Students form small, temporary groups for discussion and other activities intended to demonstrate student independence, responsibility, and ownership. 3. Students and groups choose what they want to read.

What are the types of literature circle?

Literary Luminary: to locate sections of the text the group would like to hear read aloud. Illustrator: to draw some kind of picture related to the reading. Connector: to find connections or links between the book and something outside the text….Three Sharings:

  • Sharing enthusiasms.
  • Sharing puzzles.
  • Sharing connections.

How effective are literature circles?

These data show that literature circle reading activities not only improve the students’ academic success, self-control, and self-confidence in the process of learning and text analysis, but they also improve the students’ social skills such as speaking and participating in discussions.

How do you run a literature circle in 5th grade?

Lit Circles

  1. Choose Book – A text is selected to be read by a small group of students (3-5 students).
  2. Plan – Students will meet to decide how much of the text to read.
  3. Read – Students independently read the chapters selected in the text and prepare for the Lit Circle meeting using their role sheet.

What is a literature circle for kids?

Literature Circles are small groups of students who meet to discuss a piece of literature which they have chosen. Each member of the circle is assigned a role which helps guide the discussion.

Are literature circles effective?

How to create a classroom literature circle?

Form cooperative groups consisting of 3–5 members

  • Select a picture book or short text for this practice literature circle
  • Choose a literature circle role
  • Read text and share completed roles with group
  • How to start literature circles in your classroom?

    Students self-select something they would like to create that focusing on the themes of the text.

  • A class discussion that links their creation to the textual themes
  • A written report that explains why their creation was the best way to highlight their text’s themes
  • How do I teach literature circles?

    – Set Up. Make a copy of the role sheet for each group. – Lesson Directions. Step 1: Introduce the unit with a short book talk about each book that a group may choose or talk about what type of short text students will – Supporting All Learners – Home Connections. – Assignments. – Evaluation. – Lesson Assessment.

    How to run literature circles?

    A strong visual representation of the text – Focusing on Reading Skills

  • A class discussion based on the text’s themes – Focusing on Oral Skills
  • A movie showing what happens after the text – Focusing on Media and Writing Skills
  • A movie poster with key details from the text – Focusing on Media and Writing Skills
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