How do you specify a child element using XPath?

How do you specify a child element using XPath?

For the div element with an id attribute of hero //div[@id=’hero’] , these XPath expression will select elements as follows:

  1. //div[@id=’hero’]/* will select all of its children elements.
  2. //div[@id=’hero’]/img will select all of its children img elements.
  3. //div[@id=’hero’]//* will select all of its descendent elements.

Which XPath expression can be used to select attributes?

XPath specifies seven types of nodes that can be output of the execution of the XPath expression….XPath Expression.

Index Expression Description
3) // It specifies that selection starts from the current node that match the selection.
4) . Select the current node.
5) .. Select the parent of the current node.
6) @ Selects attributes.

How does XPath find attribute value?

8 Answers

  1. Use: /*/book[1]/title/@lang.
  2. This means: Select the lang attribute of the title element that is a child of the first book child of the top element of the XML document.
  3. To get just the string value of this attribute use the standard XPath function string() : string(/*/book[1]/title/@lang)

What is child :: In XPath?

As defined in the W3 XPath 1.0 Spec, ” child::node() selects all the children of the context node, whatever their node type.” This means that any element, text-node, comment-node and processing-instruction node children are selected by this node-test.

How do I select the first child in XPath?

The key part of this XPath is *[1] , which will select the node value of the first child of Department .

How do you select a child element in Selenium?

We can locate child nodes of web elements with Selenium webdriver. First of all we need to identify the parent element with help of any of the locators like id, class, name, xpath or css. Then we have to identify the children with the findElements(By. xpath()) method.

What is an attribute in XPath?

We can use XPath to generate attribute expressions to locate nodes in an XML document. When there are certain uniquely recognized attribute values accessible in the container tag, we employ the XPath functions (contains or starts-with) with the attribute. The “@” symbol is used to access attributes.

How do you find the value of an attribute?

To get the value of an attribute of an element, you use the getAttribute() method:

  1. let attributeValue = element.getAttribute(attributeName);
  2. const link = document.querySelector(‘a’); let title = link.getAttribute(‘title’);
  3. Save

How can we find nth child in XPath?

How to identify the nth sub element using xpath?

  1. By adding square brackets with index.
  2. By using position () method in xpath.

How do you write parent child XPath in Selenium?

XPath(Current node): //input[@id = ‘text’]. We will then find the XPath of the parent element node of the current node using parent syntax, as shown below screenshot. XPath of the Parent node: //input[@id = ‘text’]//parent::span. It will then select the parent node of the input tag having Id = ‘text’.

How can we move to nth child element using XPath?

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