How do you set the Ranco etc?

How do you set the Ranco etc?

How to Set a Ranco Thermostat

  1. Locate the LCD window and the keypad on your Ranco ETC thermostat.
  2. Press the “Set” key on the keypad to begin programming the thermostat.
  3. Press the “Set” key a second time to access the set-point menu.
  4. Press the “Set” key a third time to access the thermostat’s differential menu.

How do you unlock Ranco etc?

To enable the keypad, slide the switch to the right UNLOCK position. All ETC controls are shipped with this switch in the UNLOCK position. Display Messages El- Appears when either the up t or down+ key is pressed when not in the programming mode.

What does E1 mean on Ranco?

The Ranco controller error messages are: E1- Appears when either the up or down key is pressed when not in the programming mode. To correct: If the E1 message appears even when no keys are being pressed, replace the controller.

Who owns Ranco?

Ranco Inc., a maker of automatic control devices, said it had agreed to be acquired by the British concern Siebe P.L.C. for about $148 million, or $40 a share.

Who makes Ranco?

Dragon Products family
Ranco, A Dragon Products family brand, who has been US Owned and Operated since 1963, has been supplying energy and industrial service companies with the toughest equipment on the market for more than 50 years.

Where are Ranco Trailers made?

Lamar, Colorado
Made right here in the USA, Ranco trailers are manufactured in Lamar, Colorado by Dragon Products. Previously made by Ranch Manufacturing, Ranco trailers have been the leaders in Light Weight End Dumps and Bottom Dump trailers for over 30 years.

What does E2 mean on a Ranco thermostat?

E2 Appears if the control settings are not properly stored in memory. To correct: Check all settings and correct if necessary. EP Appears when the probe is open, shorted or sensing a temperature that is out of range.

How many yards does a belly dump hold?

Belly dump trailers average 24 cubic yards of hauling capacity and have an open top for fast loading. To unload, the trailer is equipped with a hydraulic gate at the bottom, dumping the full trailer fast or to spread large amounts of loose materials, such as gravel or fill dirt, gradually over a particular area.

How tall is a belly dump trailer?

Standard Trailer Specifications

Dimensions 40′ Length x 96″ width x 10’1″ Height
Suspension 50,000lb. 4-Spring Tandem
Tires/Wheels 11R x 24.5 16 Ply Radials / 10 Hole Hub Piloted Steel
Paint High-Gloss, Reverse Impact, UV-Protectant, Rust-Inhibiting
Fenders Front and Rear Bolt-On (Aluminum)

How many tons can a belly dump carry?

These single trailers can haul up to 23 tons at a time.

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