How do you pronounce Gerousia?

How do you pronounce Gerousia?

  1. Phonetic spelling of gerousia. ger-ou-si-a. ger-ou-sia. ge-r-ousia.
  2. Meanings for gerousia. The council or elders in the Greek city-state of Sparta.
  3. Translations of gerousia. French : la gérousie. Russian : герусия

How do you pronounce Ephors?

noun, plural eph·ors, eph·or·i [ef-uh-rahy].

Who were the Spartan Ephors?

ephor, (Greek ephoros), title of the highest Spartan magistrates, five in number, who with the kings formed the main executive wing of the state. In antiquity, time periods were recorded by the names of the ephors on a list that dated back to 754 bc.

What is the role of the Gerousia?

Function. The Gerousia had two major roles. It debated motions which were to be put before the citizen assembly, with the power to prevent any motion from being passed on, and functioned as a Supreme Court, with the right to try any Spartan, up to and including the kings.

What is an Ephor?

Definition of ephor 1 : one of five ancient Spartan magistrates having power over the king. 2 : a government official in modern Greece especially : one who oversees public works.

Are ephors real?

What did ephors do?

The ephors presided over meetings of the council of elders, or gerousia, and assembly, or apella, and were responsible for the execution of their decrees.

Who elected the Gerousia?

Its members, the gerontes (“elders”), whose number was fixed at 30, including the two kings, were chosen for life by acclamation of the citizens from among candidates who had reached age 60.

Who were the Ephors in 300?

The ephors were a council of five Spartan men elected annually who swore an oath monthly on the behalf of the state. The kings however, would swear on behalf of themselves.

How many Gerousia were there?

Membership. The Gerousia consisted of thirty members in total, of whom twenty-eight had to be over the age of sixty, and the remaining two members were the two Spartan kings, regardless of their age. Other than the kings, the members of the Gerousia (known as gerontes), served for life.

What is the meaning of Gerousia?

a council of elders
Definition of Gerousia 1 : a council of elders in ancient Greece specifically : the Spartan senate. 2 : sanhedrin.

What did the Ephors do?

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