How do you pay on buses in Northern Ireland?

How do you pay on buses in Northern Ireland?

A new ticketing system for public transport will be rolled out across Northern Ireland this year. It means customers using buses, coaches, and trains will be able to tap on with a debit card using contactless.

Is Translink only in Northern Ireland?

It is led by CEO Chris Conway. Translink provides services all over Northern Ireland and also to Dublin, in a partnership deal with its counterpart in the Republic of Ireland.

How much is the bus from Belfast to Londonderry?

Belfast to Londonderry by bus A ticket for one trip will cost on average 19 USD. Also, it will cost 16 USD to get to your destination by bus, if you choose the cheapest solution. You will have 9 stops during your trip and no transfers. Translink UK operates buses that depart to Londonderry.

How much do buses cost in Belfast?

The standard cost of a one-time use ticket is 2.10 pounds, but there are travel passes available if you plan to take the Metro bus regularly during your time in Belfast. Some options for tickets include: Metro City Zone: 2.10 pounds. Metro Daylink (for unlimited day travel): 3 pounds off-peak / 3.50 pounds at peak.

Does Belfast bus take card?

The new system will mean people will be able to use bank card or smart card contactless taps that will cover all Metro and Ulsterbus, glider, and rail in an integrated way, with the payment at the end of the journey.

Does Northern Ireland have a metro?

Metro is the trading name for bus company Citybus in Belfast, Northern Ireland. It is a subsidiary of the Northern Ireland Transport Holding Company, within the common management structure of Translink, along with Ulsterbus and Northern Ireland Railways.

Is Derry worth visiting?

Derry might not be as popular as Belfast or the Giants Causeway, but it certainly shouldn’t be overlooked on a visit to Northern Ireland. Although smaller than Belfast, Derry is rich in history, culture and possesses bucketloads of charm. There is a reason that it was named the first UK City of Culture in 2013.

Is there a direct train from Belfast to Derry?

Yes, there is a direct train departing from Belfast Lanyon Place and arriving at Londonderry. Services depart hourly, and operate every day. The journey takes approximately 2h 2m.

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