How do you open the vault 15 door in Fallout 2?

How do you open the vault 15 door in Fallout 2?

Once you travel to Vault 15, you will find out that the squatters are not very friendly. You can get access to the vault by either completing the Rescue Chrissy quest and gaining their trust or by simply killing their leader, Zeke, and looting the key-card from his body.

What was Vault 15 experiment?

According to the Fallout Bible (which isn’t strictly canon, but does let us know what the devs had in mind when they were making the game), Vault 15’s experiment was that its inhabitants had an unusually diverse range of backgrounds, cultures, and ideologies.

Where is the rope in Vault 15?

One in Vault 15 on the second floor. Three on the table in the merchants room inside The Cathedral. One on the bookcase in Killian Darkwater’s room in Junktown. Mitch sells this.

Where is the loot in Vault 15?

Living Quarters The quarters have partially collapsed, leading to a larger rat infestation. This level has plenty of loot laying on the ground.

Is the water chip in Vault 15?

After coming out of Vault 15 empty handed, travel to the Hub. Ask Ian for directions. Enter the large building labeled Water Merchants and speak to the Master Water Merchant, Martha Rastello. If pressed about Necropolis she will reveal its location.

Can you wait Fallout 1?

Open up your pip boy and on the top left you will see the date and time along with a bell icon. By clicking on the bell, you can choose between several resting/waiting options. Waiting/resting is also used to heal yourself, as you heal over time, so it is very useful.

When was Vault 15 opened?

When the Great War came on October 23, 2077, the dwellers reported to the Vault and entered it. The shelter was sealed. Contact with other Vaults was lost. There was a schism among the dwellers and the Vault was finally opened.

What weapons can IAN use?

He can only use knives, pistols, and SMGs due to a lack of sprite animations for two-handed weapons. The best handgun he can wield being the . 223 pistol. He is effective with a 10mm SMG early on but becomes a liability with it when more companions join, due to friendly fire from the burst firing mode on the gun.

What is a water chip 60 seconds?

Summary: A stranger will ask for a water chip. Instead, the player must give him a bottle of water, and in return the stranger will give the player a Gas Mask. If the player already has an undamaged Gas Mask, he will give the player nothing (NOTE: This is a Fallout reference).

What was Vault 18 experiment?

In reality, the purpose of the vault’s experiment was to monitor the reaction of a vault population with knowledge of the social experiments being conducted in the other vaults.

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