How do you make a mock object of the final class?

How do you make a mock object of the final class?

After you created this file, Mockito will automatically use this new engine and one can do : final class FinalClass { final String finalMethod() { return “something”; } } FinalClass concrete = new FinalClass(); FinalClass mock = mock(FinalClass. class); given(mock. finalMethod()).

What is PowerMock in Java?

PowerMock is an open-source Java framework used for creating a mock object in unit testing. It extends other mocking frameworks such as EasyMock and Mockito to enhance the capabilities.

Can Final methods be mocked?

Configure Mockito for Final Methods and Classes Before Mockito can be used for mocking final classes and methods, it needs to be configured. Mockito checks the extensions directory for configuration files when it is loaded. This file enables the mocking of final methods and classes.

Are kotlin classes final?

By default, all classes in Kotlin are final, which corresponds to Effective Java, 3rd Edition, Item 19: Design and document for inheritance or else prohibit it.

What is the latest PowerMock version?

PowerMock 2.0
2019-04-21: PowerMock 2.0.

What is a final class Java?

A final class is a class that can’t be extended. Also methods could be declared as final to indicate that cannot be overridden by subclasses. Preventing the class from being subclassed could be particularly useful if you write APIs or libraries and want to avoid being extended to alter base behaviour.

What is the latest version of PowerMock?

PowerMock 2.0.2
2019-04-21: PowerMock 2.0. 2 has been released and is avaliable in Maven Central. The release includes fixes for issue with PowerMock JavaAgent and the latest JDK and a security issue with the build script.

Why is PowerMock used?

PowerMockito is a PowerMock’s extension API to support Mockito. It provides capabilities to work with the Java Reflection API in a simple way to overcome the problems of Mockito, such as the lack of ability to mock final, static or private methods.

Can You Mock final and static methods in powermockito?

According to the stack-overflow discussion, Mockito is a highly regarded mocking framework. The problem though is that Mockito by itself does not have the ability to mock final and static methods. If we want to mock these methods, we will need to use PowerMock with PowerMockito.

What is powermockito whennew () method in Java?

The call to the method “PowerMockito.whenNew ()” can alter the object construction, so the construction process can return an object mock to the caller. If we run the test, we will find that it succeeds.

Should I extend powermocktestcase in Maven?

If we extend the “PowerMockTestCase” class when there is no final nor static methods to work with, the unit tests will not run consistently under Surefire in Maven. It is very common that in the same test class, we have more than one test methods. Let us take a look at the following test class.

How to mock final class with target static method?

The correct way to mock the final class with the target static method is to use the PowerMock.mockStatic (FinalClassThatDefinesStaticMethod.class), in your case the FinalUtilityClass.class. PowerMockito.mockStatic (FinalUtilityClass.class) PowerMockito.when (FinalUtilityClass.method (params)).thenReturn (return);

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