How do you make a horse Valentine box?

How do you make a horse Valentine box?

Horse pony Valentine’s Day Box for School Class Horse head Cardboard cutouts taped together then taped to square box. Rolled cardboard strips taped to together, then taped to box for legs. Wrapped and glued in felt with fur like material from hobby lobby for mane and tail. Easy!

What should I get my horse for Valentines Day?

Check out these 5 great ideas…

  • Getting a name plate for your loved one’s tack locker or the stall door of her equestrian companion are great options.
  • A name plate for his/her horse’s leather halter, or a new leather halter itself is another great option for a Valentine’s gift.
  • For the horse, not your beau!

How do you make a unicorn Valentine box?

30 to 40 min.

  1. Print the two template pages and cut out shapes.
  2. Trace template shapes onto colored paper.
  3. Cut out all of the shapes on the colored paper.
  4. Make the unicorn horn by rolling the horn piece of paper and adhere to top of box using a hot glue gun.
  5. Glue the horn onto the top of the box using the hot glue gun.

How do you make a valentine box out of a cereal box?

We had a great time coming up with Valentine Day box ideas and decided on a design she loved….Easy Valentine’s Day Boxes

  1. Wrap the cereal box with wrapping paper: This can be done by the kids or an adult.
  2. Decorate the wrapped cereal box: Use stickers, paint of whatever creative tools your imagination thinks up!

How do you make a panda bear Valentine box?


  1. Cover cereal box in white construction paper and cut a hole for the valentine cards.
  2. Print out the template for the panda face and the bow (for a girl panda)
  3. Cut out each piece and use it to trace the shapes on construction paper.
  4. Use a glue stick to glue your pieces to the box to make a cute panda face.

What do you get a horse girl for Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Horse Lovers

  • Personalized Pendant. This classy, ¾-inch pendant can be custom designed to look like your favorite equine love.
  • Customized Correspondence.
  • Tasty Treats.
  • Coral Colored Wellies.
  • Sweets for the Sweet.
  • 14 Hands Wine.
  • Horsey Handbags.
  • Custom Stall Plaques.

How do you make a rainbow Valentine box?

DIY Rainbow Valentine Card Box

  1. Draw a rainbow on the white foam board.
  2. Use a craft knife or sharp pair of scissors to cut out the rainbow and two clouds.
  3. Wrap a medium-sized box in cloud paper.
  4. Download the Free Printable Rainbow Valentine Tags here!
  5. Draw a rainbow on the white foam board.

How do you make a simple Valentines box?

To make: Cut a slit in the top of a shoebox, then cover the top and bottom of the box with pink paper. Then cover it with heart-shaped stickers. It doesn’t get more cheery than this pom-pom-loaded box that will get your child in the Valentine’s Day spirit immediately.

How do you make a gumball Valentine box?

  1. Wrap a piece of construction paper around a round oatmeal box.
  2. Lay the round lid in the center of a piece of 12-inch by 12-inch aluminum foil.
  3. Cut a slot in the lid for friends to put valentines through.
  4. Tear or cut a 3-inch piece of duct tape.
  5. Press different colors of sticker dots on the container.

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