How do you justify a low GMAT score?

How do you justify a low GMAT score?

explain it. Don’t justify it, just explain it. The best advice you can get from our college admissions consultants is don’t try to spin it, just explain it. A clear, quick explanation ITSELF can earn you credibility, more so than your argumentation.

What is a good GMAT score for MBA?

between 650 and 690

What is the lowest score in GMAT?

Technically speaking, the GMAT score range varies from 200 to 800. That means the lowest GMAT score ever possible is 200. So, what the Adcoms’ answer implies is that the minimum GMAT score for being eligible to apply to their program is 200 (!).

How important is the GMAT for MBA admissions?

As it is, the survey found, GMAT scores are thought to be more than twice as influential in MBA admission decisions as undergraduate grade point averages, nearly three times more critical than either recommendation letters and employer prestige, and almost four times more important than the undergraduate college an …

How soon can you retake GMAT?

16 calendar days

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