How do you hang a valance in a bay window?

How do you hang a valance in a bay window?

One of the easiest ways to decorate a bay window with a valance scarf is to wrap the valance around a 1 to 2-inch rod. Install the brackets. Start by draping one end over the rod from behind; wrap the scarf valance around the rod three or four times, with the ends hanging down on the outside of the two side windows.

How do you hang curtain rods in a bay window?

Place the curtain rods in the brackets. If you’re using a bay window curtain rod, line up the straight edges of the rod with the sections of your bay window. The bent corners of the rod should line up with the corners in your bay window. Once the rods are in the brackets, adjust them as needed.

Can you use regular curtain rods on a bay window?

You’ll need a custom rod that’s or angled to fit the shape of the bay. Using a traverse rod or a rod with decorative rings, you can hang curtain panels on each end of the bay.

Where should curtain rod brackets be placed for valance?

This translates to 1 to 2 inches below the ceiling line or crown molding. You’ll have more freedom to hang the valance as you desire in a room with higher ceilings, but it’s best to still hang it high. With 9- or 10-foot ceilings, the valance should hang at least halfway between the top of the window and ceiling.

How are bay window rods measured?

Start at one end of the bay window where the curtain track is to start. Measure across this section of wall to where it meets at the angle of the next section of wall. Write down the measurement and then measure across to the next section of wall, continuing around the bay to where the track is to finish.

Can you put curtains on a bay window?

So, how do you hang curtains in a bay window? To hang curtains in a bay window, use three separate curtain rods and put the curtains through each. One large curtain can work so long as they aren’t opening and closing constantly. Opt for long curtains if the windows almost reach the ceiling.

Does bay window need curtains?

Large Bay window If the windows are large and go almost all the way up to the ceiling, then you’ll want to use long curtains so you’d need one for each window. They will be operated individually and you’ll have the possibility of covering up the windows entirely.

Do you need a double curtain rod for a valance?

We recommend using two single curtain rods of 1″ – 2″ in diameter: the top one is for the valance with swags and tails, and the lower one for the two curtain panels. This way, you have more flexibility in adjusting height, width and projection (distance from the wall).

How should valances be hung?

For most windows, a valance should cover about 2 to 6 inches of the top of the window and window frame (this is called the window overlap), with the rest of the valance covering the wall above the window. If there is not enough room to do this, then the valance should be hung immediately under the ceiling.

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