How do you get the sail on Windfall Island?

How do you get the sail on Windfall Island?

To get it, head to the north of Windfall Island to find Zunari, the trader and buy it from him for 80 rupees. To see Zunari’s wares and be able to buy the sail, be sure to speak to him while standing in front of the left counter — not from the side.

How do you get the Indian rupees sail in Wind Waker?

All you need is 80 Rupees in order to buy the sail. There are two counters. You have to talk to the merchant at the left counter to get the Sail. Also, when you free Tingle in the GameCube version, Tingle will also give you the Tingle Tuner.

Is there anything on Greatfish Isle?

Although Greatfish Isle is mostly barren, a Traveling Merchant, Linder, and a Withered Forest Tree can be found here. A Piece of Heart can also be obtained if Link uses the Deku Leaf to fly to the ledge where it is hidden. Also, the first Triforce Chart directs Link to the Triforce Shard hidden near this island.

Where is the jail on Windfall Island?

The Town Jail is a location on Windfall Island in The Wind Waker. It is found across from where Tott dances by the gravestone. Link’s first visit to the Jail involves Tingle’s introduction, who is seen behind bars.

When can I get the swift sail?

The Swift Sail can be won at the Auction House for around 300 rupees. It only becomes available after you complete the first dungeon, Dragon Roost Cavern. However, there won’t be an alert via an in-game prompt to signal the special sail’s availability.

What happened to Greatfish?

It used to be a beautiful peaceful island, home to many Hylians and the great fish, Jabun. However, Ganondorf destroyed the entire island in his search for Nayru’s Pearl. Because of the destruction, Jabun no longer lives here; instead he rests in a secret cave near the back of Outset Island.

Where is Bomb Island?

Lake Murray
Bomb Island is located in Lake Murray, a hydro-power reservoir of 50,000 acres located in the lower piedmont of South Carolina. The lake was constructed in 1930, by daming the Saluda River.

Why is Tingle in jail?

Situated near the middle of Windfall Island, it is here where Tingle is imprisoned after being accused of stealing a Picto Box, though he claims that he is innocent of the crime. Link can press a Switch hidden behind a cluster of Jars to free Tingle, who will thank him by giving him the Tingle Tuner.

Where do I find Tingle in wind Waker?

Go to the door in the northwest of the island, up the hill from the village entrance. Inside this room, you will find Tingle, who is locked inside a cell. To let him out, just step on the switch to the left of the door.

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