How do you get past the pipes in limbo?

How do you get past the pipes in limbo?

Jump left and climb the rope against the wall to get back out. Look left between the two legs of the water pipe and hang off the rope to connect the pipe above. Wait for the hole to fill up with water, then quickly jump right across the floating log that you positioned earlier.

How do you do the elevator level in limbo?

Go past the elevators to a Box and pull the Box left to the elevator and hit the Switch to make the elevator rise, then ride it up with the Box. Push the Box right beside the top Switch and leave it close to the left edge. Hit the Switch to lower the elevator, then hit it again to make it rise.

How do you get past the zipline in limbo?

Jump onto the rope and ride it across the gap, drop down onto the first roof you see and slide down to the right. Jump off the roof and hit the gravity switch as you pass it.

Can you swim in limbo?

However, you can use your LimbO for gentle submersion in a swimming pool, i.e. paddling or ‘splashing around’, given that you follow these safety guidelines: Activities such as wading/paddling should only be done within one’s depth. Children must be supervised at all times.

How do you get past the first spider in limbo?

The only way to pass is to go back for a bear trap and use its metal teeth to bite through the spider’s legs. After you sever three legs the giant spider flees.

What is the plot of Limbo?

Plot. The primary character in Limbo is a nameless boy, who awakens in the middle of a forest on the “edge of hell” (the game’s title is taken from the Latin limbus, meaning “edge”), where he encounters a giant spider who tries to kill him.

What does the end of Limbo mean?

According to many old tales, the soul can only get out of Limbo until the body is properly buried. The boy continues through Limbo until his sister finds and buries his body. So in the ending scene, she is not digging but she is covering his grave. She senses him and he sees her one last time before going to heaven.

How do you beat Chapter 22 in limbo?

Turn the Magnet Switch on to magnetize the ceiling, then turn on the Gravity Switch until the first block touches the ceiling. Quickly turn off the Gravity Switch before the second block reaches the ceiling to send it back to the ground.

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