How do you dunk on NBA 2K15 Xbox 360?

How do you dunk on NBA 2K15 Xbox 360?

To dunk in NBA Xbox, hold down the left trigger and then press the A button.

How do you get the Jordan dunk on 2K22?

NBA 2K Tips: How to do the Jordan Free Throw Line Dunk

  1. First, go to Edit Player and equip the Historic Jordan dunk package as your go-to dunk package (costs 5,000 VC if it’s for my player).
  2. Go to Practice / Shootaround mode and start from the top of the key / center 3 pt line.

Is Jordan in 2K22?

NBA 2K22 MyTEAM: Michael Jordan gets first Galaxy Opal in epic Season 4 Flash Packs. By Ricky Gray Jr. Perhaps the best set to ever hit NBA 2K22 MyTEAM has been released to the Pack Market.

How do you throw an alley oop in 2k20?

You’ll just need to remember one simple button input when trying to alley oop in NBA 2K20. It doesn’t matter whether the player you’re controlling has the ball or not. By double pressing Triangle on PS4 (Y on Xbox One, X on Nintendo Switch), you’ll be able to alley oop.

Can you get contact dunks with a 80 driving dunk 2k22?

Current Gen Contact Dunk Requirements Elite Contact Dunks: Driving Dunk 92. Small Contact Dunks: Driving Dunk 86, Below 6’5″ Pro Bigman Contact Dunks: Driving Dunk 80, Above 6’10”

Is Jordan on NBA 2K?

NBA 2K22 MyTeam: Michael Jordan makes a return to NBA 2K with Limited Edition card. NBA legend and one of the greatest players of all time, Michael Jordan recently made his return to the NBA 2K series. In recent weeks, NBA 2K22 has released a range of legendary featured cards.

How do you dunk in 2k?

How to dunk in 2k20 PS4?

  1. Two-Hand Dunk in 2k20: R2 + move and hold up the right thumbstick while driving.
  2. Flashy Dunk in 2k20: R2 + move and hold down the right thumbstick while driving.
  3. Dominant or Off-Hand Dunk in 2k20: R2 + move and hold the right thumbstick left or right (the direction determines your dunking hand).

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