How do you do a tellington TTouch?

How do you do a tellington TTouch?

To do the TTouch® , imagine the face of a clock on your animal’s body, half an inch to one inch in diameter. Place your lightly curved fingers at six o’clock on your imaginary clock, and push the skin around the face of the clock for one and a quarter circles.

Does TTouch really work?

Putting TTouch to Work TTouch can have a dramatic effect on dogs. Sometimes the help offered through TTouch is subtle. And sometimes, like with all behavior methods, it might not help with a particular behavior or problem. But even that fits in with the TTouch philosophy.

What is the Tellington Method?

The Tellington Method teaches animals to think rather than react. For humans, the Tellington Method is called Tellington TTouch-for-You® that supports cellular communication and enhances the healing potential of the body. TTouch® has been used effectively for fostering well-being in people for 30 years.

How do you do TTouch on a dog?

Use circular touch and stroking To vary your touch, try stroking down your dog’s body or ears. Or, move the skin in a circle-plus-a-bit-more pattern with your fingers making contact, or use your entire hand. You can even use the back of your hand.

What is TTouch with horses?

Originally developed for horses in the 1970’s, TTouch also is effective on other companion animals. The method uses circular movements of the fingers and hands all over a horse’s body to improve equine behavior, performance and health, and induce relaxation and decrease anxiety during training.

What is tellington TTouch for dogs?

The Tellington TTouch Method looks at the connection between physical, mental, and emotional states and uses the variety of techniques to improve posture and physical balance. This, in turn, helps a dog feel safer, increasing self confidence and mental balance.

Is TTouch on a horse real?

What is the tellington TTouch for dogs?

What is TTouch therapy for dogs?

TTouch is a very simple light massage technique, in which a clockwise circular motion of the fingers is used on the skin of the patient. TTouch is marketed as a means of counteracting reflexive adverse behaviors in animals, and was initially developed to facilitate the training of horses.

What is TTouch on horses?

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