How do you do a Mun landing?

How do you do a Mun landing?

If you want to reach the Mun on the first swing around, wait until Mun rises just above the horizon. A good rule of thumb is for each 100 km you are above Kerbin, wait another 2 seconds. Once it does, begin a forward burn, and keep an eye on your map, as the apoapsis moves out towards Munar orbit.

How much Delta V does a Mun lander need?

Specifications. Recommended Delta-V: ~ 6,500 for Orbit and Return. ~ 7,500 for Landing and Return.

How do you land a rover on the Mun in KSP?


  1. Attack a carefully planned rover un the bottom of your lander vehicle, make room for the legs!
  2. Bring a KIS container with everything you need, an engineer and tools. Make the rover on site.
  3. Put wheels in the lander (BEST VALUE)

How much DV do you need for Duna?

You will need at least 2000ms Delta-V for the orbit and return, you can test this by seeing if your lander is **almost** capable of reaching Kerbin orbit by itself.

Is the Mun tidally locked?

The Mun’s orbit keeps it directly above Kerbin’s equator. Because the Mun is tidally locked to Kerbin with a perfectly circular, non-inclined orbit, exactly 50% of the Mun’s surface (excluding areas on the edge obscured by the Mun’s mountains) is ever visible from Kerbin.

How do I orbit in KSP?

Steps to Orbit and Back

  1. Launch Preparation. Set thrust to maximum by hitting Z.
  2. Accelerate to 100 m/s. Launch by hitting the space bar and keep the rocket pointed straight up until the vehicle’s speed is 100 m/s.
  3. Pitch 10 degrees East.
  4. Stage.
  5. Get apoapsis above 70 km.
  6. Get periapsis above 70 km.
  7. De-orbiting.
  8. Re-entry.

Where is Mun Stone KSP?

  1. Mun Stones (all biomes) (can be picked up by a Kerbal)
  2. Mun crater (all biomes)
  3. Mun large crater (all biomes)

How do you stop the rover from flipping in KSP?

A few tips:

  1. Do build low and wide.
  2. Power it with an ion engine at the back.
  3. Get the centre of mass near the middle.
  4. Angle the engine to thrust at the centre of mass.
  5. Put a Small Inline Reaction Wheel onboard and turn on SAS.

What is Dunas gravity?

Surface gravity. 2.94 m/s2 (0.3 g)

What’s the easiest planet to get to in KSP?

Duna is often the easiest planet to achieve encounters because of a low orbital inclination.

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