How do you distract the guards in Hitman: Blood Money?

How do you distract the guards in Hitman: Blood Money?

Several guards can be seen talking outside of the window. Enter your inventory and equip the Coin. Follow the instructions to toss it out of the window towards the target. The noise it makes will distract the guards long enough for you to sneak out of the door and run across the open area to the next indoor region.

What are the controls for Hitman: Blood Money?

Page actions

Windows Action
M Open/Close Map
R Reload Weapon
Ctrl Crouch/Sneak
Shift Run

How do you get into the morgue in Hitman: Blood Money?

Hide the body in the bin in the back of the room after you take his suit. Grab the keys from the table that the orderly was sitting at and use it to enter the locked down area. Locate the cell where the CIA agent is held and unlock the door.

How do you use Fiberwire in Hitman Blood Money?

The Fiber Wire can’t be used in every situation. You’re going to need to sneak up on your enemy from behind, quietly. Once in position you will be prompted on the screen to “Garrote” the character. Press the Square/X button to perform the move and use the Fiber Wire.

What is PIP cam in Hitman Blood Money?

A: When you’re on a mission, sometimes you’ll see a green-tinted P-I-P, that means you have been caught on camera. If you want a Silent Assassin rating, you’ll need to locate the security room and steal the Videotape; failing that, you might be able to sabotage a camera with a well-aimed bullet before being caught.

Do accidents count as silent assassin?

Silent Assassin rank is only earned if you kill only the targets. You can’t kill any other NPCs or enemies. Target bodies can only be discovered if you perform an accident kill. Guards and other NPCs can be knocked out / subdued nonlethally.

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