How do you describe customer service skills on a CV?

How do you describe customer service skills on a CV?

Examples: Took great pride in ensuring positive overall customer experience. Customer-focused approach to trouble shooting, resolving problems and ensuring repeat business. Responsible for managing customer expectations in delivering superior levels of service.

How do you say good customer service?

Use these 12 customer service phrases to improve almost all of your support interactions.

  1. “Happy to help!”
  2. “I understand how (blank) that must be.”
  3. “As much as I’d love to help …”
  4. “Great question!
  5. “Nice to meet you!”
  6. “May I ask why that is?”
  7. “Thanks for bringing this to our attention!”

What is a good quality customer service?

Quality customer service involves providing efficient, quick, and friendly service to customers as well as building strong relationships with them. It also entails responding to customers’ issues in time and handling any complaints swiftly.

How would you describe your passion for customer service?

A passion for service goes for hand-in-hand with friendliness and a personable attitude. When interviewing, look for candidates who smile, look you in the eye, act pleasant and confident—these are the types of people you want to put on the front line to give a positive impression of your business.

How do I describe my customer service experience?

Example Answer #3 Having worked in a call center for five years, I have plenty of experience listening carefully to the needs of my customers before efficiently working to solve their problems and explain the solutions. Most customers already begin to feel taken care of once you listen carefully to their concerns.

What is integrity in customer service?

Service integrity means living up to a commitment made either through explicit statements or implicitly through behaviour. It means keeping one’s end of the agreement underlying a service transaction and doing what the other party can reasonably expect.

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