How do you decorate a ceiling medallion?

How do you decorate a ceiling medallion?

How to Use Ceiling Medallions on Walls

  1. Hang them like art, in different sizes and designs, colors or styles.
  2. Create a grid and place photos in the center.
  3. Use them as wall sconce decoration.
  4. Halve your ceiling medallions and use them as cornice swags or wall panel ornaments.

Are ceiling medallions out of style?

While always a classic, the ceiling medallion is once again fashionable in modern-day home design.” Gigi Lombrano, Gigi Lombrano Interiors. “Ceiling medallions are classic! They were first seen in middle and upper class homes in the 19th century.

What color should ceiling medallion be?

Medallions are commonly painted white. White truly is always right. However, paint is also another great transforming feature with these flexible works of ceiling art. Consider painting a medallion a faux gold gilt, or painting it the same color as the trim for a unified look.

Are ceiling medallions old fashioned?

Ceiling medallions weren’t exclusive to Victorian homes — they appeared in U.S. homes as early as the 1700s, before falling out of fashion in the early 20th century — but they peaked in popularity during the mid- to late-19th century. And they were most common in the parlors of wealthy homeowners.

Should ceiling medallions match?

Ceiling medallions can be painted to match the ceiling color, trim color, a favorite piece of furniture, or the overall theme of a room. Because they are sometimes thought of as old-fashioned or regal, a finish can also give them an antique look.

Can you spray paint a ceiling medallion?

Definitely use a sprayer to paint a ceiling medallion. You’ll get quick, even coverage in a fraction of the time required with brush or roller painting. Before painting the medallion, buy sample pots of paint and test them in the room.

When should you use a ceiling medallion?

Ceiling medallions are generally intended for rooms with high ceilings. A good rule of thumb is that the higher the ceiling, the larger the medallion should be. So a really tall two-story ceiling will require a large medallion, unless its dimensions for length and width are small.

Are you supposed to paint ceiling medallions?

The ceiling medallion can be painted in a metallic color, like gold, silver, or bronze, for an exciting and bold look. The ceiling medallion and light fixture should always be painted metallic in order to attract your attention. If the medallion has a unique design, be sure to paint it golden.

Do you paint a ceiling medallion?

Should all ceiling medallions match?

Ceiling medallions can be painted based on your own individual preference. There are many ways that they can be painted to coordinate with the existing features in a room or to fit with a certain theme you have in mind.

What is the purpose of ceiling medallions?

A ceiling medallion is a decorative detail that’s generally round in shape and whose purpose is to add visual interest and draw attention to a hanging light fixture, such as a chandelier.

What is the canopy on a ceiling medallion?

A chandelier canopy is the cone-shaped cover that hides the wiring and the junction box in the ceiling onto which the chandelier is mounted. A canopy only needs to be as wide as necessary to cover the hole in the drywall, so installing a canopy larger than the hole is purely a matter of taste.

How to choose ceiling medallions?

Location. Ceiling medallions range from 4 inches wide to 4 feet wide and can be installed in any room of your home with a fixture you want to highlight.

  • Size. Choosing the right size of the medallion is important.
  • Design. Ceiling medallion design choices range from simple to ornate.
  • Finish.
  • Material.
  • How to paint a ceiling medallion the easy way?

    Definitely use a sprayer to paint a ceiling medallion.

  • Before painting the medallion,buy sample pots of paint and test them in the room.
  • Or use adhesive paint swatches,painted poster board or foam core,or paintable adhesive swatches to see what the color looks like in your room and on the ceiling.
  • How to choose the right ceiling medallion?

    Size of the ceiling and the room Calculate the size of the space to decide which size of the medallion would be best.

  • Style and size of the ceiling fan Choose a medallion that ideally fits the size and complements the style of the ceiling fan.
  • Painting or not painting?
  • Unclear about the position?
  • Consider the ceiling housings
  • How big should my ceiling medallion be?

    Size of the fixture. The ceiling medallion you choose should be one that is either larger or smaller than the diameter of the actual fixture,not the base of

  • Size of the room. You want to make sure that the medallion you choose is proportional to the room in which you plan to use it.
  • Height of the ceiling.
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