How do you curse someone in Italian?

How do you curse someone in Italian?

Italian swear words

  1. Accidenti! – Damn it, holy smoke! ( lit.
  2. Porca vacca! – Holy cow! ( lit.
  3. Porca miseria! – For God’s sake, for Goodness’ sake (lit. pig misery)
  4. Porco cane! – For God’s sake! ( lit.
  5. Cavolo! – Holy smoke! ( lit.
  6. Col cavolo! – No way! (lit.
  7. Madonna! – Good God! ( lit.
  8. Madonna santa! – Good God! ( lit.

What does ke katso mean in Italian?

[ˈkattso] masculine noun. vulgar) (pene) prick (vulgar) figurative) (vulgar) non gliene importa un cazzo he doesn’t give a shit (vulgar) or fuck (vulgar) about it.

What does Ah Fanabla mean in Italian?

A FANABLA: ‘go to hell’ It’s short for “va fa Napoli” – go to Naples – which is either a sick burn on the city of the sun or a massive compliment: as the saying goes, “see Naples and die”.

What does Tesoro mean?

darling , honey , sweetheart. Sei il mio tesoro. You’re my darling.

How do you make an Italian mad?

Top Ten FASTEST Ways to Piss off an Italian

  1. Walk through their house with your shoes on.
  2. Put ice cubes in your wine.
  3. Serve them overcooked pasta.
  4. Ask them if their family is in the mafia.
  5. Use their bright white decorative bathroom towels.
  6. Talk about your love for pineapple pizza.

What does ho detto di no mean in Italian?

It is slang for “vagina”. As an exclamation, it can express anything from surprise to disappointment, frustration and extreme satisfaction. Figa, ho detto di no! I fucking said no! It is used A LOT in informal, everyday speech as an interjection, without a real meaning.

What does Testa di cazzo mean in Italian?

Testa di cazzo and testa di minchia correspond to “dickhead”, and are commonly used to indicate an unkind, unpleasant and bad-mannered person. As mentioned previously, a clean version of cazzo is cavolo (cabbage).

What is a Gatso speed camera?

The company’s products, particularly the “Gatsometer 24”, have achieved such a high level of market penetration in the UK and some European countries that the term “Gatso” became synonymous with “speed camera” across a significant proportion of Europe.

What does cazzata mean in Italian?

Cazzata, minchiata, stronzata and puttanata correspond to bullshit in English, and indicate a lie or something stupid. If you want to use a clean alternative, substitute them with cavolata, stupidaggine or fesseria, which mean nonsense. Non dire cazzate!

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