How do you beat Pewter Gym in Pokemon Tower Defense?

How do you beat Pewter Gym in Pokémon Tower Defense?

Pewter City Gym Challenge Level To beat this challenge, you will need to put both Metapod and Kakuna on both sides of a lane and set them to use String Shot. Drop every other Pokémon with all their damaging moves and set Charmander to use Ember.

How do you beat the old rod in Pokémon Tower Defense?

Old Rod (Challenge Level) There are many ways to beat this challenge. One method of doing this is by sending out Geodude with a Jigglypuff and both using Defense Curl. Once they pass the 2nd tree send out your Pidgey and let Geodude use Mud Sport. This will allow Pidgey to pass by unharmed.

How do you beat kyogre in Pokémon Tower Defense?

To beat Kyogre, you must have a strong grass and/or electric type. Raichu, Victreebel, Vileplume, and Venusaur are all great. Put the stronger of the two on the bottom spot. They should be in their lower 30’s for this to work and have moves such as Thunderbolt, Petal Dance, Giga Drain, or Solarbeam.

How do you beat fuchsia gym in Pokémon Tower Defense?

Another good strategy that can be used to defeat this gym is to use 4 of your strongest Poison Pokémon, a Golem with Bulldoze, and one Gengar with the move Curse and Rest. Use Curse, then Rest, then click him to get the sleep status off and Curse Giant Muk again. Repeat until Muk is out.

Where is Koga fire red?

Fuchsia City’s gym
Fuchsia City’s gym is led by Koga, a friend of Poison type Pokémon.

How do you beat Koga in leaf green?

To beat Koga, use a Psychic or Ground-type. Either that or a very powerful Pokémon. If you’re using a Ground-type, be aware that Koffing and Weezing have the Levitate ability, preventing you from using Ground-type moves against them.

What level is Sabrina?

level 45
You’ll need to have a Pokémon of at least level 45 in your party to enter which, in our case, required a fair bit of grinding first.

How do you beat Sabrina in Pokemon Red?

The best way to deal with Sabrina is to take advantage of her Psychics’ weak defense with physical attacks, such as strong Ground, Flying and Normal-type attacks.

How do you fight Sabrina in fire red?

To beat Sabrina up, use a Ghost-type (Haunter or Gengar). Or you could evolve Weedle up into Beedrill, who knows Pin Missile (Jolteon also learns this move). If this fails, use a Pokémon with a strong physical move.

How old is Clair Pokemon?


Clair イブキ Ibuki
Age: 19
Hometown: Blackthorn City
Region: Johto
Family: Lance Dragon Clan Elder

Is there a gym leader in Pewter City Pokemon?

From Bulbapedia, the community-driven Pokémon encyclopedia. The Pewter Gym (Japanese: ニビジム Nibi Gym) is the official Gym of Pewter City. It is based on Rock-type Pokémon. The Gym Leader is Brock.

How do you get shiny Geodude in pewter gym 2?

This level is different than the 1st Pewter Gym. It has a different layout and the only Pokémon you have to defeat are 4 Onix. You are also given 5 Pokémon to use in this challenge. If you successfully defeat the 4 Onix, you will receive a Shiny Geodude. For this challenge, you may only use the Pokémon given to you.

How many onix do you have to defeat to get pewter gym?

This level is different than the 1st Pewter Gym. It has a different layout and the only Pokémon you have to defeat are 4 Onix. You are also given 5 Pokémon to use in this challenge.

Does Forrest win the battle at the pewter gym?

While Forrest ended up losing the battle, Joy recognized his skills and officially appointed him as the new Pewter Gym Leader, allowing the Gym to continue operating. The Pewter Gym is a stone building apparently set apart from the rest of Pewter City.

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