How do you add checkpoints in QTP?

How do you add checkpoints in QTP?

#1) Active Screen: In the Active Screen, right-click on an object and select the option to insert a standard checkpoint. After that, follow the same steps as above to insert a checkpoint. #2) At any step in the QTP test, select the menu option “Insert ->Checkpoint” and choose “Standard checkpoint”.

What are the checkpoints available in QTP?

Types of Checkpoints in Micro Focus UFT It is used to check a total number of links & images on a web page. Page Checkpoints can be used to check Load Time i.e. time taken to load a web page. Bitmap Checkpoint helps a user in checking the bitmap of an image or a full web page.

How many types of checkpoints are there in UFT?

Types of Checkpoints

Sr.No. Type & Description
2 Bitmap Checkpoint Verifies an area of your application as a bitmap
3 File Content Checkpoint Verifies the text in a dynamically generated or accessed file such as .txt,.pdf
4 Table Checkpoint Verifies the information within a table. Not all environments are supported.

Which checkpoints can be inserted without recording mode in QTP 10?

However, there are few checkpoints like Database Checkpoint, XML Checkpoint, and File Content Checkpoint that can even be added without recording sessions.

  • 1 Types of Checkpoints in UFT. 1.1 Standard Checkpoint. 1.2 Image Checkpoint. 1.3 Table Checkpoint. 1.4 Page Checkpoint. 1.5 Bitmap Checkpoint.
  • 2 Recommended Posts.

Which all checkpoints can be added using the active screen?

3) It can be set during recording or editing a test. 4) Active screen can also be used to insert this checkpoint….Type of Checkpoints:-

  • Standard Checkpoint.
  • Image Checkpoint.
  • Bitmap Checkpoint.
  • Text Checkpoint.
  • Text Area Checkpoint.
  • Table Checkpoint.
  • Page Checkpoint.
  • XML Checkpoint.

What is the difference between bitmap checkpoint and image checkpoint?

Difference #2: Bitmap checkpoint can be used to compare an area of an application or page, an object, or any part of an object. On setting this checkpoint, it captures the chosen portion of the screen as a bitmap and compares it with the result at runtime. In contrast, image checkpoints are just for web image objects.

What is the keyword used to verify a checkpoint?

When users want to validate the current state of data, verify checkpoint keyword will come in handy to compare it with a snapshot of the original data source taken at a certain state.

How do I use page checkpoints in UFT?

You can instruct UFT One to create automatic page checkpoints for every page during a recording session by selecting the Create a checkpoint for each Web page while recording check box in the Web > Advanced pane of the Options dialog box (Tools > Options > GUI Testing tab > Web > Advanced node).

What is * .TSR file in QTP?

Answered On : Sep 7th, 2006. The object repository has an extension of .tsr where as the QTP automation script has no extension. However, an external file can be used as a resource file and this file should have .VBS extension. This file should purely be Visual Basic Scripting file.

Which bitmap checkpoint feature allows the checkpoint to pass even if bitmaps are not identical?

You can adjust the comparison to enable the checkpoint to pass even if the bitmaps are not identical by setting the RGB tolerance and Pixel tolerance options described below. In addition, QuickTest enables you to use custom comparers for bitmap checkpoints.

What is the difference between functional testing and automation testing?

Functional testing first is done manually and once a feature is stable, test cases are automated. While in regression testing, only those test cases are executed manually or automatically – that are already stable, so this can be automated when needed. To know if your team needs to adopt automation check here.

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