How do I watch NFL SUNDAY TICKET on multiple devices?

How do I watch NFL SUNDAY TICKET on multiple devices?

You can stream on one device at a time – whether online at NFLSUNDAYTICKET.TV or on a mobile device using the NFL SUNDAY TICKET app. If you’d like to switch to another device, no problem! Just remember to sign out of the current streaming device before signing in on another. It may take a moment or two after sign out.

Can you access Sunday Ticket from two devices?

To watch on multiple devices — your game console, phone, tablet and computer, as well as your TV — you will need to subscribe to the $329.99 “Max” package. This offering also lets you watch the Red Zone channel and new DirecTV Fantasy Zone.

Can I watch Sunday ticket on my computer?

From the big screen to your littlest screen, get a seat on the sidelines and stream all the action live on your TV, laptop, tablet, phone, or game console from the NFL SUNDAY TICKET app.

How many devices can I use NFL Sunday Ticket on?

Watch on Multiple Devices With the NFL Sunday Ticket Max plan, users can add an NFL Game Pass subscription for just $50 (usually $100 for the entire season), and “Watch live NFL games on up to 5 devices at the same time!”

Can you watch NFL Game Pass on multiple devices at the same time?

NFL Game Pass now supports the use of up to 5 devices at any one time on the same WiFi/IP address. If you receive a message that your session has timed out, it is likely that you are logged in on more than one device (i.e. computer, smart phone, or tablet) concurrently on different WiFi /IP addresses.

How many devices can I use NFL SUNDAY TICKET on?

How do I get NFL SUNDAY TICKET without DirecTV?

The only way to watch NFLST without DIRECTV is to stream it, either at NFLSUNDAYTICKET.TV on your browser, or via the NFLST app. Your NFLST TO GO or NFLST U gives you streaming access, but only on one device at a time and only for live games.

Is there an app for NFL SUNDAY TICKET?

Visit the respective app stores to download the NFL SUNDAY TICKET app for your tablet, smartphone or device. The NFL SUNDAY TICKET app is available for download in August/September before the start of the regular season on: Xbox Live Marketplace, PlayStation Store and Windows Store.

How do I get NFL SUNDAY TICKET on my phone?

How many logins do you get with Sunday Ticket?

What is the difference between NFL Sunday Ticket and Game Pass?

Game Pass ($99.00 a year) lets you stream every regular-season game immediately after they air, along with past games, original shows, and some NFL Network content. NFL SUNDAY TICKET ($293.94 a year) lets you watch every single NFL game live and is available only through DIRECTV.

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