How do I use payments plus?

How do I use payments plus?

Guide to Using MyPaymentsPlus Add a payment method or select the payment method already on file. If everything looks correct click Pay for Order If you need to change the amount click change and adjust the amount of the payment.

How do I add money to Mypayments plus?

Sign in by entering your username/password • Scroll down from the homepage or select: Cafeteria Payments: Add money to an account by entering your desired payment amount into the “payment” field for each student/patron. The amount you entered will automatically reflect in the “Subtotal Amount”.

What is my payment plus?

MyPaymentsPlus is trusted by over 2 million parents to help streamline payments for school meals, fees, and activities. In addition to peace of mind, parents gain the added convenience of having all school-related payments in one place. Best of all, creating an account is simple and absolutely free.

How do I get my money back from Mypayments plus?

If you use MyPaymentsPlus for meal payments only:

  1. Send home communication to parents regarding your school/district’s policy for remaining funds.
  2. When a parent calls our support team asking for a refund, they will be referred to their students school or district for a balance refund request.

How do I add a student to my payments plus?

To update user profile information, click ‘Manage Account’ and choose ‘My Profile’. You will be able to update your name, address, e-mail address, phone number, password, and stored payment methods. Be sure to click ‘Save User Profile’ at the bottom of the screen once you’ve made the necessary changes.

How do I contact my payments plus?

If you believe we might have any information from or about a child under 13, please contact us by sending us an email at [email protected] or writing to us Horizon Software International, LLC, 2915 Premiere Parkway, Suite #300, Duluth, GA 30097.

What is the mypaymentsplus mobile app?

The free MyPaymentsPlus mobile app allows users to view balances, make payments, monitor cafeteria purchase history, and receive low balance push notifications, all from the palm of their hand. To download the app for iPhone or iPad, click here. For Android, click here.

What can I do with paymentsplus?

From choosing your payment methods, reports and online remittances, to tracking the status of your payments online, PaymentsPlus gives you the flexibility to choose from a large range of features to meet your business needs. Deliver online remittances to your recipients via PaymentsPlus or use our standard email remittance capability

How do I view required reading documents for parents on mypaymentsplus?

Many organizations will post required reading documents for parents on MyPaymentsPlus. To access these documents, simply click on ‘Manage Documents’ under the ‘Manage Account’ tab and select the student you wish to view documents for. play_arrow What features are available through the MyPaymentsPlus Mobile App?

What type of encryption does mypaymentsplus use?

MyPaymentsPlus utilizes a 128 bit encryption with SSL/secure socket layer. MyPaymentsPlus is certified by VISA for its CISP/Cardholder Information Security program. This certification is VISA’s highest security protocol.

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