How do I transfer my PAYE tools to a new computer?

How do I transfer my PAYE tools to a new computer?

Software Configuration Open Basic PAYE Tools – Real Time Information on one computer and make an amendment to the Employer. Close the software and then open Basic PAYE Tools – Real Time Information on another computer to confirm the shared database. You have now completed the installation.

Does Basic PAYE Tools work on Windows 10?

Supported operating systems The following operating systems are supported: Windows 10 and 11. macOS version 11 ‘Big Sur’ and 12 ‘Monterey’ Ubuntu Linux version 20.04 LTS and 21.10.

Where does Basic PAYE Tools store data?

A bit of investigation by us shows that Basic Tools software automatically creates full data backups as zip files when the software is updated and apparently on every system close and these are stored in AppData\Roaming\HMRC\payetools-rti\backups.

How do I delete outstanding submissions in Basic PAYE Tools?

Go to the BPT Homepage >> select ’employer name’ >> Select ‘view outstanding submissions’ >>Select ‘next’ >> select ‘cancel’ from the submission authentication screen, where you enter the user ID & password >> return to ’employee payments’ >> delete the relevant data.

Does Basic PAYE Tools support automatic Enrolment?

You can use BPT to run payroll and report the pension contributions paid by your employees, although the BPT does not: support auto-enrolment.

How do I import data into Basic PAYE Tools?

Importing from HMRC Basic PAYE Tools

  1. To begin the import, simply click on the ‘Import Employer’ button at the bottom of the ‘Open Employer’ screen and select ‘Import from HMRC Basic PAYE Tools…’.
  2. Choose from the options ‘Start at beginning of tax year’ or ‘Continue Mid Year’ as required.

How do I change my tax year on Basic PAYE Tools?

Make the change by selecting the employee and the date the payment was made from the list shown on the employee payment screen. Select amend. Enter the correct details and select submit in the normal way – BPT will then submit a revised month 12 FPS showing the corrected year to date figures for that employee.

Can I order P60 from HMRC?

In March 2020, HMRC said they were no longer providing the facility to order blank P60 and P45 forms online. Instead, employers are expected to print or issue their own digital P60 stationery.

Can I print a payslip from Basic PAYE Tools?

In its latest user guide to Basic PAYE Tools (BPT) HMRC has indicated that from April 2020 users will be able to print payslips from the PAYE reporting tool. BPT is free filing software that can be used by employers, who have nine or fewer employees over the whole tax year, to meet their RTI obligations.

Does HMRC basic tools calculate pension contributions?

Pension contributions for HMRC Basic PAYE Tools users the percentage of earnings that will be paid by the employer and member of staff. which earnings will be used to calculate pension contributions (the pensionable earnings), for example qualifying earnings, basic pay, or all pay.

Does HMRC Basic PAYE Tools produce payslips?

BPT now enables you to produce a payslip for your employees. To do this, select the section ‘payslip’ (as shown on the previous screen). The payslip will include all details held by BPT for each of your employees, however it will not include all details that you need to provide by law.

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