How do I restore my S3 to factory settings?

How do I restore my S3 to factory settings?

Standard Method

  1. Ensure the device is powered off. If screen is frozen, remove / reinsert battery .
  2. Simultaneously press and hold the. Power button. (upper-right edge) + Volume Up button.
  3. From the. Android. system recovery screen, select. wipe data/factory reset.
  4. Select. Yes — delete all user data. .
  5. Select. reboot system now. .

How do I boot my S3 in recovery mode?

Press and hold ‘Volume Up + Home + Power’ buttons together and release them as soon as you see the Galaxy S3 logo on your phone’s screen. Your phone will boot into recovery mode. Use Volume buttons to navigate Up and Down between options and use Power button to select an option in recovery.

How do I reset my frontier S3?

Samsung Gear S3 frontier / Gear S3 classic – Factory Data Reset (Powered Off)

  1. Ensure your watch is powered off.
  2. Press and hold the. Power/Home button.
  3. Press the. Power/Home button.
  4. Select. Recovery.
  5. When ‘Recovery’ is highlighted as seen in the image above, press and hold the. Power/Home button.

How do I bypass the lock screen on a Galaxy S3?

Bug allows complete lock screen bypass on Samsung Galaxy S III

  1. On the code entry screen, press Emergency Call.
  2. Press Emergency Contacts.
  3. Press the Home button once.
  4. Just after pressing the Home button, press the power button quickly.
  5. If successful, pressing the power button again will bring you to the S3’s home screen.

How do I recover deleted files from my Samsung Galaxy S3?


  1. Open the Amazon S3 console.
  2. From the list of buckets, open the bucket of the deleted object.
  3. Navigate to the folder of the deleted object.
  4. Turn on List versions.
  5. In the search bar, enter the name of the deleted object.

How do I factory reset my Samsung with buttons?

Turn off your phone, then press and hold the Power/Bixby key and Volume Up key, then press and hold the Power key. Release the keys when the Android mascot appears. When the Android system recovery menu appears, use the Volume Down key to select “Wipe Data/Factory Reset” and press the Power/Bixby key to proceed.

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