How do I reset my DSC alarm installer code?

How do I reset my DSC alarm installer code?

Power up the panel, wait 10 seconds and power down. Then disconnect the jumper, and power the system back on. Performing a factory default will restore all system settings to their default. It will also restore the Master Code to 1234 and the Installer Code to 5555.

How do I reset my Concord 4 installer code?

Resetting the installer code/or programming the system: Use the installer manual, starting at page 33, the instructions are pretty clear – under System -> Security we can view and change the installer codes as necessary. Reminder, the default on these boards is 4321 for the installer and a blank dealer code.

What is an alarm installer code?

The Installer Code on a panel is used for entering installer programming mode. In this mode, various changes to the function of the system can be made. Meanwhile, the Master Code is used primarily for arming and disarming.

What is the installer code for a Concord 4?

You must use an installer/dealer code (default 4321) to enter program mode. You may place the system into programming mode only when you disarm all partitions.

How do you program a Concord 4?

To enter program mode on the Concord 4 panel: Press 8, 4321, 0, 0. The display shows SYSTEM PROGRAMMING. Once you have verified that you see SYSTEM PROGRAMMING you can exit programming by selecting the A button followed by # and this point you should be out of programming.

How do I change my installer code?

How do I change the installer code on a Honeywell Vista?

  1. Go into programming using the current installer code followed by 800.
  2. Enter *20.
  3. Enter the new four digit installer code.
  4. Enter *99 to exit programming.

What is the installer code?

The Installer Code (also called Program Code or Dealer Code depending on brand) is a special code used to access system configuration settings so a user can add sensors/zones, change delay times, modify central station telephone numbers and account numbers.

How do I reset my DSC alarm without code?

After changing the battery, how do I reset my DSC alarm?

  1. After the power has been turned off, open the unit’s access door.
  2. Press and hold the “RESET” key. If the alarm does not reset after hitting the RESET button.
  3. Press the buttons “*72.” If it still doesn’t switch off, check the sensors.

How do you do the phone test on a Concord 4?

To run a cellular comm test on an GE Interlogix Concord 4 hybrid system Press 8 + Installer Code (default 4321) + 2, then disarm the system immediately, This procedure will initiate the comm test on your Concord 4.

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