How do I reset my Braun Series 7 shaver head?

How do I reset my Braun Series 7 shaver head?

Replacing the Foil & Cutter cassette / reset Then the shaver will automatically reset the display. 8 for at least 3 seconds to reset the counter. While doing so, the replacement light blinks and goes off when the reset is complete.

What do lights on Braun Series 7 mean?

parts (7) comes on after about 18 months or when worn. The replacement light will remind you during the next 7 shaves. to replace the Foil & Cutter cassette. Then the shaver will. automatically reset the display.

When should I replace my Braun Series 7 head?

18 months
Over 18 months, your Braun shaving cassette cuts over 6,000,000 hairs. Over time, the cutting parts naturally start to wear down. We therefore recommend replacing the shaver head every 18 months, to keep your shave to a few strokes and reset your electric shaver to new.

Why is my Braun electric razor not working?

You might also need to check the charge on a battery operated shaver if it is running but sluggishly. Make sure the batteries are fully charged and if that still doesn’t fix it you can try replacing the batteries. Also, check the screen for damage and/or corrosion if the shaver is pinching your skin.

How often should I clean Braun Series 7?

Braun officially recommends replacing the cleaning cartridge after two months once it has been opened and used (to maintain optimal hygiene).

What does the red light mean on Braun cleaning station?

The low-charge light flashes red when the battery is running low. You should be able to finish your shave. With switching off the shaver a beep sound reminds of the low charge status. Cleaning status. The cleaning indicator lights up when the shaver needs to be cleaned in the Clean&Charge Station.

Is Braun Series 7 worth?

The bottom line If you prefer electric shaver and razors over more traditional multi-blade razors, the Braun Series 7 (7071cc) is an all-around good choice. It can handle all hair types and thicknesses, it can be used for wet or dry shaving, and it has an attachment for trimming.

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