How do I make recount appear again?

How do I make recount appear again?

The command to get Recount to show is /recount show or /recount toggle (turns on and off), if those don’t work try /recount gui and ResetPos, that should move it back to the default position.

Which is better details or recount?

Players mention that details are in every way better than Recount and everyone should switch ASAP. It allows you to have multiple tabs of DPS and HPS be opened without any issue. The number of features is way more as compared to Recount.

Can you have two recount Windows?

Thanks. Recount does not support multiple windows at once.

Is skada accurate?

Skada only uses the time you are actually dpsing to calculate it. Details, the only caveat is that you need to remember to clear it once in a while. Otherwise its as accurate and in-depth as Warcraftlogs itself.

Whats better details or recount?

Is recount or details better wow?

Details! is the most accurate damage meter. It uses the same algorithms as warcraftlogs, as well, so it tends to be the most accurate of the three main players.

Is details better than skada?

Basically, what Details does is that it helps the player in calculating the DPS that he needs for the whole fight. On the other hand, Skada only calculates your DPS at times when you are actually using it. Knowing this difference, it should now be much easier in choosing the better option.

Is skada or details better?

Thanks. Details is more accurate and is your best option. Details continues tracking damage until the fight ends. Skada, “depending on how you set it up,” will stop YOUR damage when you die.

Why is details more accurate than recount?

Details is currently the top dps/hps tracking addon. It also sinks reports from the rest of the party/raid. This way if someone is out of range, the actions are still counted when it is sinked and the reports are way more accurate.

Is recount more accurate than details?

Recount is a zombie addon that always seems to function when nothing else does. As far as Accuracy they all fairly close… Details, far more useful. Esp in a M+ dps isnt actually the most important thing…it’s interrupts, dispels and avoidable damage.

Which is better recount or details?

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