How do I know if my chainsaw clutch is worn out?

How do I know if my chainsaw clutch is worn out?

Does the engine loose revs, or the engine keep revving and just the chain stops? If the engine is still running at normal revs, and the chain slows down, then it’s a problem with the clutch. Worn out, gummed up, jammed springs etc. If the engine looses revs under load then it’s more likely a fuel or carb problem.

How do you take apart a chainsaw clutch?

How to replace a clutch:

  1. Remove the clutch cover, bar, and chain from the saw.
  2. Remove the top cover on the saw to expose the spark plug.
  3. Remove the spark plug.
  4. Get your self a piece of clean nylon cord about 12” long and stuff about 4” inches of it or so in to the cylinder through the spark plug hole.

Why is my chainsaw blade not spinning?

The chain tension may be too tight. Easy fix, just loosen the bar-retaining nuts and rotate the tensioning screw counterclockwise to the correct tension. Then tighten the nuts back up.

How do you grease a chainsaw clutch?

Squeeze a small amount of lubricating grease onto a cotton swab, and work it around the inside of the needle bearing. Put the needle bearing back into the clutch drum. Slide the clutch drum back onto the engine crankshaft, and return the E-clip to its correct position on the engine crankshaft.

Are chainsaw clutches reverse thread?

The clutch bolt of the Husqvarna 55 chain saw is a “left-handed” or a reverse threaded bolt, meaning you turn the bolt clockwise to loosen it. This is the opposite of convention that teaches counterclockwise loosens. The reason for the left-handed thread is to prevent the saw motion from loosening the bolt.

Why is my chainsaw jamming?

Here are our explanations! Indeed, whether it is a chainsaw electric ou thermal, it is the teeth of its links that come into direct contact with the wood and the materials to be cut. As a result, dirt, wear on the guide or links and even the motor can be the cause of jamming.

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