How do I import a rabbit to Malaysia?

How do I import a rabbit to Malaysia?

Import Licence The consignment of rabbits shall be accompanied by a valid import licence issued by the Director General of Veterinary Services, Malaysia or the State Director concerned permitting the importation of such rabbits into State(s) of Malaysia.

Can you cross a bunny through the border?

No rabbits, hares, or their products (meat, pelts, hides, carcasses, etc.) and equipment or other items or associated materials may enter California from states or countries where Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease (RHD) has been diagnosed in the prior 12 months unless they meet the following requirements.

Can you bring pets to Malaysia?

To enter Malaysia, you will need to apply for an import permit issued by the Malaysian Quarantine and Inspection Services Department (MAQIS). If you are flying in a pet dog to Malaysia, check that your dog is not on the list of restricted and banned breeds.

Do rabbits need a passport?

You may want to think twice about taking rabbits and rodents outside of the EU though – they need a rabies import licence and will need to spend four months in quarantine on their return to the UK. Note that you do not need a pet passport for these animals; just dogs, cats and ferrets.

How can I get pet import permit in Malaysia?

For importation into Peninsula Malaysia, an Import Permit should be obtained from the Director General, Department of Veterinary Services, Malaysia. Application can also be made to the State Vet Departments. For importation into Sabah and Sarawak, enquiries and application should be made to the states concerned.

Can corgis live Malaysia?

Corgis are loving, playful and family-friendly dogs. They are famous for their fluffy bottoms, cute face and short legs, kind of like munchkin cats and dachshunds. The best part of caring for corgi in Malaysia? Its dense, water-resistant double coat fares well in most weather conditions, including our tropical climate.

Do rabbits need a health certificate to fly?

A health certificate is not required for rabbits traveling in the cabin with their passenger; however, many states have specific importation health and vaccination requirements.

Can I take rabbit on a plane?

If you have a small rabbit, he/she may be able to join you in the cabin. Selected airlines will allow rabbits to fly with their owners in the cabin. This is as long as their cage will fit under the seat in front of you. If you have a large rabbit, then he/she would most likely need to fly in the cargo of the plane.

How can I take my pet on a plane in Malaysia?

Pets in the Baggage Compartment Customs import/export permits for carriage may be required. Veterinarian Health Certificate for the animals may be required. The accepted animals are stowed in aircraft holds. The weight of the animal and its container/cage will be charged as excess baggage.

Can I bring a bunny on an airplane?

A very few will permit rabbits in the cabin. Some allow other animals in the cabin, but rabbits must ride in cargo. Of course, having burmy with you at all times is the safest way to go. An animal in the cabin is usually required to be in a carrier that fits under a passenger seat.

How much does it cost to fly a rabbit?

Most airlines have a fixed rate cost of $125 per rabbit. This fare will be payable each way, so you’re looking at $250 for a return. You should also expect to pay an additional $125 for any prolonged stopover. Make this clear when booking a ticket, too.

How can I import my dog to Malaysia?

The animal must be accompanied by a Valid Health Certificate issued by a Veterinary in the State /Country of Importation and an Export Permit where required. Dogs and cats from other countries are subject to quarantine.

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