How do I get my Brookdale transcript?

How do I get my Brookdale transcript?

Students may request an official transcript with a written mailed request by completing and mailing a Transcript Request Form.

How do I transfer credits to Brookdale Community College?

Transfer Into Brookdale To Do List

  1. Apply to Brookdale.
  2. Send an OFFICIAL paper copy of your college transcript from each of the schools you attended to:
  3. Submit a Transfer Evaluation Request Form to have your college or university transcripts reviewed for transfer credit.
  4. Satisfy the Placement Assessment Requirements.

How do I get my transcripts from Ocean County College?

All students must order a transcript via our ordering website through the National Student Clearinghouse. *Dynamic Form – You may need to log in through your Ocean Connect account to access the form.

What colleges take Brookdale credits?

Transfer Resources

  • Georgian Court University – University Partner.
  • Kean University.
  • LIM College.
  • Montclair State University.
  • New Jersey City University – University Partner.
  • Rider University.
  • Rutgers Lincroft – University Partner.
  • Rutgers University.

What schools accept Brookdale Community College credits?

Transfer Programs Many Brookdale graduates transfer to four-year colleges to obtain baccalaureate degrees, with the largest number being accepted by Rutgers, Monmouth University, Georgian Court University and New Jersey City University at the Partnership Program at Wall.

Is Ocean County College requiring Covid vaccine?

Full vaccination is strongly recommended, but not required, with the exception of students and faculty in the Nursing and Allied Health programs. Students and faculty in these programs must be vaccinated in order to comply with the vaccine mandate adopted by clinical sites.

What is a passing grade at Ocean County College?

Incomplete grades (I) must be resolved within 30 days after the end of the course. No more than five days into the next term is allowed for prerequisite courses or the student must be withdrawn….Grading System.

Grade Description Grade Points
B Good 3.0
C+ Above Average 2.5
C Average 2.0
D Passing – Below Average 1.0

How do I withdraw from Ocean County College?

Official withdrawal: A student is considered “officially withdrawn” if the Ocean County College Admissions and Records office is notified of an intent to withdraw either in writing (Add/Drop Form), by phone, or online through Ocean Connect.

Does OCC have a Deans List?

Dean’s List Notation: The student completes 12 or more units of OCC coursework with letter grades and earns a semester GPA of 3.50-3.99. Honors List Notation: The student completes 6 – 11.9 units of OCC coursework with letter grades and earns a semester GPA of 3.75-4.0.

How is OCC GPA calculated?

The grade point average is calculated by dividing the number of grade points earned by the number of GPA hours for the grades of A, B, C, D, F.

How do I drop a class at OCCC?

To withdraw from a class, a student must complete and submit an add/drop form in Student Success Advising or use Self Service in the Student Portal to withdrawal. NO REFUNDS WILL BE MADE AFTER THIS PERIOD EXCEPT AS STIPULATED FOR ENROLLMENT OF TITLE IV RECIPIENTS. See academic calendar for exact withdraw dates.

What does P mean on transcripts?

P. Pass (equivalent to a C or above) NR. No Record – not passing (does not appear on the transcript)

How do I request a transcript from Brookdale Community College?

Out of an abundance of caution, Brookdale Community College is following guidelines established by the CDC and local health departments. During this time, we strongly suggest, when possible, students utilize the online Parchment system to request transcripts and opt to send them electronically to their intended recipient (s).

How do I request official college transcripts?

Official college transcripts must be requested through your previous institution and sent directly to Brookdale from that institution. Please note that due to the current COVID-19 situation, electronic documents are recommended. Retrieval time of transcripts can take up to a week during this period of remote services.

How do I transfer credit to Brookdale University?

The Office of Admissions, in consultation with the respective Academic Institute Dean, is responsible for the final determination of the acceptance or denial of transfer credit. 1. Apply to Brookdale 2. Send an OFFICIAL paper copy of your college transcript from each of the schools you attended to:

Why can’t I request my Brookdale Records via parchment?

If you were a Brookdale student on or before 1999 you will not be able to make your request via Parchment because your record is considered “archived”. Please follow the instructions below for information regarding making your request by mail or in person.

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