How do I find my shell return code?

How do I find my shell return code?

Checking Bash Exit Code Launch a terminal, and run any command. Check the value of the shell variable “$?” for the exit code. $ echo $? As the “date” command ran successfully, the exit code is 0.

What is return code in shell script?

An exit code, or sometimes known as a return code, is the code returned to a parent process by an executable. On POSIX systems the standard exit code is 0 for success and any number from 1 to 255 for anything else. Exit codes can be interpreted by machine scripts to adapt in the event of successes of failures.

How does shell determine return value?

The return value of a command is stored in the $? variable. The return value is called exit status. This value can be used to determine whether a command completed successfully or unsuccessfully.

What does return code 2 mean?

invalid usage
Exit code 2 signifies invalid usage of some shell built-in command. Examples of built-in commands include alias, echo, and printf.

How do I return a bash script?

When a bash function completes, its return value is the status of the last statement executed in the function, 0 for success and non-zero decimal number in the 1 – 255 range for failure. The return status can be specified by using the return keyword, and it is assigned to the variable $? .

What is exit code 255 Linux?

Depending on our shell, exit code 255 might mean that the returned exit code is outside of the 0-255 range.

How do I return from a shell function?

return command is used to exit from a shell function. It takes a parameter [N], if N is mentioned then it returns [N] and if N is not mentioned then it returns the status of the last command executed within the function or script. N can only be a numeric value.

How do you return a string from a function in shell script?

This is a way of returning string value from a bash function.

  1. function F1() { retval=’I like programming’ } retval=’I hate programming’
  2. function F2() { local retval=’Using BASH Function’ echo “$retval” }
  3. function F3() { local arg1=$1. if [[ $arg1 != “” ]]; then.
  4. function F4() { echo ‘Bash Return Statement’ return 35. } F4.

What does ## mean in shell script?

$# $# is quite a special bash parameter and it expands to a number of positional parameters in decimal. $0. $0 bash parameter is used to reference the name of the shell or shell script. so you can use this if you want to print the name of shell script.

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