How do I find Marklin products?

How do I find Märklin products?

Product database. Doing a search with the Märklin product database enables you to find Märklin items quickly. The database has all of the catalog data since 2000/2001.

Where can I find the 2020/2021 Märklin catalog?

2020/2021 Märklin catalog is now available at your Märklin dealer or can be ordered on-line by clicking this link. » Discover here… Are you about to start your model train hobby or you’re planning a “comeback”?

Why choose Märklin model trains?

With Märklin model trains and your own ideas you will create captivating experiences across generations. Model trains are not just a hobby for you, it’s your passion? Here you can find at a glance important information for seasoned pros. Large layouts are best set up in their own space. A table or comparable surface is enough for smaller layouts

What is Märklin my World?

Märklin my world The World of Play for Young Beginners Ages 3 and Older Specially tailored to the needs of kindergarten aged children. Battery-operated trains with magnet couplers, infrared controller, and light and sound functions. Plastic track designed for children, can be used with Märklin C Track.

Are the Märklin decoders compatible with the 6020?

Fact 7: Compatibility The new generation of decoders is compatible with all Märklin digital formats and the DCC system. The decoders can be operated immediately with the 6020, 6021, Mobile Station, and Central Station controllers. The digital format is automatically recognized, as is analog operation with AC and DC.

What motor conversion kits are available for older Märklin locomotives?

High-efficiency motor conversion kits are available for (almost) all older Märklin locomotives: 60941, 60943, and 60944. Only the setting for one CV must be changed to adjust a decoder to a locomotive or powered unit.

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