How do I download Disney font?

How do I download Disney font?

Go to Using the search box on the upper right of the site, search the fonts listed above (or browse for other non-Disney fonts you might like) When you find the font you like, such as the Waltograph example here, click Download, then open the Zip file.

What font is used for Disney?

Waltograph is based on the original font of the Walt Disney logo, the design standard that started it all.

Where can I find Disney fonts?


  • Waltograph:
  • Walter:
  • Mickey:
  • Mickey:
  • Minnie:
  • Disney Family:

What font looks most like Disney?

These Disney fonts all convey a very Disneyesque feel – magical and fun!

  1. Mickies – A Fun Disney-Like Font. Mickies.
  2. Colores Font Duo. Colores Font Duo.
  3. Waltograph (Original Disney Logo Font) Waltograph.
  4. Retrobox — A Retro Fancy Font. Retrobox.
  5. Runtoys. Runtoys.
  6. Mouse Memoirs Font.
  7. Gweneth.
  8. Bookworm Kid Fun Display Font.

Is Disney font copyrighted?

Choice is yours… The Walt Disney logo was created with hand written calligraphy. The fonts available now were inspired by the Walt Disney script, and from what I can see are all freeware. Probably because they cannot make money on something based on a copyrighted identity.

What Google font looks like Disney?

Mouse Memoirs finds its inspiration in the vintage Mickey Mouse, Beagle Boys, and Uncle Scrooge comic books put out by Walt Disney in the 1950’s and 60’s. This font comes alive with a truly animated look. Perfect for light-hearted designs, children’s books, and the like… it is an all-around fun typeface.

How do I download fonts safely?

10 best locations for downloading safe free fonts

  1. Google Fonts.
  2. DaFont.
  3. FontSquirrel.
  4. FontSpace.
  5. UrbanFonts.
  6. 1001 Free Fonts.
  7. Font Zone.
  8. Abstract Fonts.

What font is closest to Harry Potter?

Able. The Able font is one of the most obvious choices if you are looking for a Harry Potter font. It has often been described as “the Harry Potter font”. It really has been known for that role and it is hard to imagine it in any other role today.

What font is similar to Disney?

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  • What font style is Disney written in?

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    How do I get the Disney font?

    Disney Fonts for Microsoft Word. The characters,cartoons,and films of the Walt Disney Company have entertained generations of children and adults.

  • Finding and Downloading Disney Fonts. Before you can use Disney fonts for Microsoft Word and other programs you need to find them.
  • Installing the Fonts.
  • How to get the Disney font?

    How to Get Free Disney Fonts for Cricut. If you have Cricut Access you probably can pay for a few different Disney fonts. Or if you have a Cricut Expression with cartridges you might have the Disney Mickey font cartridge or be able to find one on Ebay.

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