How do I download ASTER?

How do I download ASTER?

You will need a NASA account, and be logged in on your browser to do the downloads (the browser will prompt you to log in for the first download). Data Manipulation, Download, Chrome list, and then pick the text file with the list of Aster tiles. The program will open Chrome, and put each into a tab, and download.

What is an ASTER image?

ASTER provides high-resolution images of Earth in 14 different bands of the electromagnetic spectrum, ranging from visible to thermal infrared light. The resolution of images ranges between 15 and 90 meters.

How do I open ASTER data?

Opening ASTER files with ENVI

  1. In ENVI 5.3, from the ENVI menu select File | Open As | Optical Sensors | EOS | ASTER.
  2. In prior versions of ENVI 5. x, from the ENVI menu select File | Open As | EOS | ASTER.

Where can I download ASTER GDEM?

The GDEM and ASTWBD are available for download from NASA Earthdata and Japan Space Systems. This ASTER product is available at no charge for any user pursuant to an agreement between METI and NASA.

What is ASTER Global DEM?

Description. The Terra Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer (ASTER) Global Digital Elevation Model (GDEM) Version 3 (ASTGTM) provides a global digital elevation model (DEM) of land areas on Earth at a spatial resolution of 1 arc second (approximately 30 meter horizontal posting at the equator) …

Is aster still operational?

ASTER was launched on EOS-Terra in 2000, and is still in operation.

What are asters used for?

Aster, being used as a ‘cover crop’ in farm fields, is providing habitat and late-season food for pollinators. Asters have a rich history. They are also known as the Michaelmas daisy for their tendency to bloom around the autumn equinox, which coincides with the feast of St, Michael.

How do you cite Aster DEM?

Citing ASTER GDEM V3 data: NASA/METI/AIST/Japan Space Systems, and U.S./Japan ASTER Science Team. ASTER global digital elevation model V003, 2018, distributed by NASA EOSDIS Land Processes DAAC, 10.5067/ASTER/ASTGTM.

What is ASTER GIS?

ASTER is a cooperative effort between NASA, Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), and Japan Space Systems (J-spacesystems). ASTER data are used to create detailed maps of land surface temperature, reflectance, and elevation.

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