How do I create a dashboard prompt in Obiee?

How do I create a dashboard prompt in Obiee?

Column prompts can be created for hierarchical, measure, or attribute columns at the analysis or dashboard level. Go to New → Dashboard Prompt → Select subject area. Dashboard prompt dialog box appears. Go to ‘+’ sign, select the prompt type.

How do I create a dashboard prompt?

Create a dashboard prompt to filter analyses embedded in a dashboard.

  1. Sign in to Oracle BI Cloud Service with your credentials.
  2. From the Home page, click Analyses, and click Create Analyses.
  3. In Create New Analyses – Select Source, select SampleApp, and click Create Analysis.

How do I create a prompt in OTBI report?

The first step is to create a report with prompt values. The sample report contains ‘Full/Part Time’ and ‘City’ columns and we will build filters on those two columns: While creating the prompt for full time, click on the drop-down corresponding to ‘Set a Variable’ and choose ‘Presentation Variable’.

What is variable prompt in Obiee 11g?

Variable Prompt This prompt will store a value that the user has chosen or defined. That value can then be passed as a presentation variable which can be used for any analysis that is linked to the dashboard prompt.

What are the different types of variables in Obiee 11g?

There are basically 4 different types of variables in OBIEE 11g.

  • Session Variables.
  • Repository Variables.
  • Presentation Variables.
  • Request Variables.

How do I create a presentation variable in Obiee?

To create a presentation variable as part of a variable prompt, in the “New Prompt dialog” (or Edit Prompt dialog), you have to select Presentation Variable in the Prompt for field and then enter a name for the variable in the Variable Name field.

What is OTBI analysis?

Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence (OTBI) delivers a flexible and easy-to-use analysis tool that helps you to gain real-time insight into transactional data, understand data patterns and be alerted to key events and data anomalies.

Is prompted in Obiee 12c?

We mostly use the Column prompt for restricting data in the reports. The column used for prompt is “is Prompted” in the report and data will be restricted based on this. There is one more prompt type named as “Variable Prompt”.

What is level based measures in Obiee 11g?

OBIEE – Level-Based Measures. Advertisements. Level-based measures are created to perform calculation at a specific level of aggregation. They allow to return data at multiple levels of aggregation with one single query. It also allows to create share measures.

How do I use session variables in Obiee prompt?

OBIEE – How to set a server variable with the session type via a dashboard prompt (with a request variable)?

  1. In the repository. The session variable.
  2. Setting the session variable. In the logical table source. In a physical table of type select.
  3. In the BI Presentation Service. The dashboard prompt. The report.

Which two tools are used to create OTBI Analyses?

OTBI is integrated with Microsoft Office applications. With the SmartView desktop tool, users can create or run OTBI analyses within MS Excel, Word or PowerPoint and save analyses back into the OTBI catalog real-time. With OTBI, users can access reports and dashboards on mobile devices.

Create a new Dashboard Prompt using the New icon on the toolbar at the top of the OBIEE Answers screen. Select Dashboard Prompt from the dropdown list. As was the case when creating an analysis, a dashboard prompt is sourced from a single Subject Area. Select the Training Subject Area as the source for this dashboard prompt.

What are the three types of variables in obiee?

Although knowledge of the three types of variables in OBIEE isn’t strictly required in order to build analyses and/or dashboards, such knowledge is useful. In this exercise, we’ll define and discuss the three types of variables in OBIEE: Repository variables, Session variables, and Presentation variables.

What is a request variable in Obi?

A request variable is an OBI Server Session Variable but with the scope of the request. The value of the session variable will not be change for the session. You can set it up in three main ways : in “… OBIEE – How to constraint the values of a dashboard prompt based on the selection of an other?

What is a session variable in obiee?

Session Variables Session variables (the silver cups) are also created by the OBIEE Administrator as part of the metadata repository. The values of session variables are established when a user logs in to OBIEE, and the same session variable may have a different value for each user. There are two “flavors” of system variables:

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