How do I contact Balfour Beatty?

How do I contact Balfour Beatty?

Phone number: 0800 121 4444.

Who is the CEO of Balfour Beatty?

Leo Quinn (Jan 1, 2015–)Balfour Beatty / CEOLeo Quinn is a British business executive. In 2015 he became the Group Chief Executive of Balfour Beatty. In October 2013, he founded The 5% Club Wikipedia

Who is the registrar for Balfour Beatty?

For further information, contact the Company’s Registrars, telephone: 0871 664 0300 from the UK.

What is Balfour Beatty net worth?

Balfour Beatty net worth as of April 29, 2022 is $1.96B. Balfour Beatty plc is an infrastructure services company.

Is Balfour Beatty a limited company?

Balfour Beatty Group Limited provides engineering services. The Company offers construction, maintenance, infrastructure, project finance, asset management, and other engineering services.

Who are Balfour Beatty competitors?

Top Competitors of Balfour Beatty

  • BAM Nuttall. 3,000. $930 Million.
  • Flatiron. 2,500. $1 Billion.
  • Skanska. 34,000. $20 Billion.
  • Clark Construction. 4,200. $5 Billion.
  • Keltbray. 1,884. $736 Million.
  • Downer Group. 53,000. $9 Billion.
  • SNC-Lavalin. 46,490. $7 Billion.
  • Granite Construction. 4,200. $3 Billion.

How much does Leo Quinn earn?

Leo Quinn made £1,437,970 in total compensation as Executive Director,Chief Executive Officer at Balfour Beatty PLC in 2020. £773,333 was received as Total Cash, £488,904 was received as Equity and £175,733 was received as Pension and other forms of compensation.

Is Balfour Beatty a good company to work for?

Excellent company to work for with many benefits. Management took in all your views and acted swiftly, pay was extremely fair and everyone work fantastically as a team.

Who are the biggest construction company in UK?

Top 10 Construction Contractors in the UK

  • No1. Balfour Beatty. Balfour Beatty is the leading international infrastructure group.
  • No. 2 Kier Group.
  • No. 3 Interserve.
  • No. 4 Morgan Sindall.
  • No. 5 Galliford Try.
  • No. 6 Amey.
  • No. 8 Keller Group.
  • No. 9 Tarmac Trading.

How many employees does Balfour Beatty have in the UK?

26,000 employees
With 26,000 employees, we provide innovative and efficient infrastructure that underpins our daily lives, supports communities and enables economic growth. We finance, develop, build and maintain complex infrastructure such as transportation, power and utility systems, social and commercial buildings.

Is Balfour Beatty a main contractor?

By turnover and profit, Balfour Beatty was ranked in September 2018 as the biggest construction contractor in the United Kingdom.

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