How do I complete Navy PMK-EE?

How do I complete Navy PMK-EE?

Sailors must achieve a passing score of 80 percent or higher on each section in order to pass the PMK-EE. Failure to achieve an 80 percent score on a section will require that section to be retaken.

Can you fail a Navy advancement exam?

If a candidate’s raw score (the number of questions answered correctly) falls below the applicable cut value, then the candidate “fails” to pass the NWAE and is eliminated from competition for advancement.

What is a good PMA score?

Exam standard score – 80 points/ 40% Performance Evaluation/ RSCA PMA – 120 points/ 60% Total Possible Points – 200/100%

How does PMK-ee work?

When a Sailor exits the app before completing a section, the app bookmarks that spot. The next time the app is opened, it returns to the bookmarked location, allowing the Sailor to continue with the exam from that point. The app also tracks the total time the Sailor spends completing each section of the exam.

Do you have to do PMK-EE every year?

Passing this military knowledge exam is required for sailors in order to be eligible for advancement to the next paygrade. However, it must only be passed once at each paygrade level and is not required for each subsequent advancement cycle.

How do I do ee PMK online?

Click on the “My Learning” tab and launch PMK-EE. MyNavy Portal: Click the Career and Life Events drop-down and select Advancement & Promotion. Select Enlisted Advancement from the left column. Click on the PMK-EE link to view the PMK-EE study material.

How many questions is the Navy Wide Advancement exam?

175 total
Advancement exams are no different. Currently, Navy Advancement Exams have 175 total questions. Of those, 150 deal with rating knowledge, and the remainder focuses on general military subjects.

What is an EP in the Navy?

“An ‘EP’ (early promote) evaluation gives you a 4.0, a ‘MP’ (must promote) evaluation gives a 3.8 and a ‘P'(promote) evaluation gives a 3.6,” said Personnel Specialist Seaman Apprentice Langston Hooper.

What does PNA stand for Navy?

Pass not advance (PNA) means that a Sailor passed the exam, but did not end up with a high enough final multiple score (FMS) to advance. Fail means the Sailor failed this cycle’s advancement examination. For Sailors with pass not advance, if they scored well enough, they can get PNA points.

Where is the PMK-EE certificate?

For more information on PMK-EE, visit MyNavy Portal (MNP), under ‘Career & Life Events’, then ‘Advancement & Promotion,’ then click the PMK-EE link. There, Sailors can download a PMK-EE smart sheet with supplemental guidance.

When is the Navy-wide advancement exam cycle 255?

The Navy released dates and details for the Active Duty and Reserve Full-Time Support (FTS) Navy-Wide Advancement Exam Cycle 255 in NAVADMIN 260/21on Nov. 17. COVID-19 precautions will again play a central role in how commands test their Sailors. These details along with key dates and milestones for Sailors and Commands are in the message.

Who takes the enlisted advancement exam in the Navy?

Active Duty, Full-Time Support and Canvasser Recruiters take the Active Duty enlisted Navywide advancement examination. Navy Reserve personnel, to include all candidates serving on voluntary recall or mobilization, will take the SELRES enlisted Navy-wide advancement examination. 3. Am I Eligible to Take the Next Advancement Exam?

Are the Navy Reserve E-4 advancement exams canceled for spring 2022?

The Navy announced the Cycle 110 Selected Reserve Spring 2022 E-4 to E-6 and E-7 exams in NAVADMIN message 259/21 on Nov. 17. COVID-19 precautions will again play a central role this cycle, the message said along with announcing key dates and milestones for the February exams. This means that all Reserve E-4 advancement exams are again canceled.

How do I prepare for an advancement exam?

Prior to taking an advancement exam, you must meet all eligibility requirements for the next higher paygrade. You must have met your Time-in-Rate requirement and have the promotion recommendation of your commanding officer (CO). Check box 45 on your Evaluation Report to see your CO’s recommendation for promotion. Check the TIR requirements below.

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