How do I change my address with Lloyds Bank?

How do I change my address with Lloyds Bank?

You can visit your nearest branch to change your address. If you’re registered with PhoneBank call us on 0345 300 0000 (+44 1733 347 007 from outside the UK). If you’re hard of hearing or have a speech impairment, you can contact us using Textphone on 0345 300 2281 (+44 1733 347 500 from outside the UK).

Can you change your address on Lloyds online banking?

Our Mobile Banking app is the easiest way to change your address. It’s quick, time-saving and can be done in just a few simple steps.

How do I change my address at the bank?


  1. Step1. Login to NetBanking using your NetBanking ID and Password.
  2. Step2. Click on Update Contact Details option from top menu and select Update Address transaction.
  3. Step3. Go through the list of acceptable address proof documents and scan a self-attested copy of one such address proof for uploading.
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How long does it take for Lloyds to change address?

approximately 14 days
You can change your Account Address or Bill to Address by following the steps below. Your details will be updated approximately 14 days after we have received all the required information.

What are the documents required for change of address in bank?

A duly filled up Account Opening Form (AOF) Copy of PAN Card/ Form 60 (with reasons of not having PAN Card) KYC (Know Your Customer) Form with Documents : Proof of Identity & Proof of Address. Proof of Date of Birth (DOB) in case of Minor & Senior Citizen.

How do I change my address online HSBC?

Update in online banking

  1. Select ‘Personal and address details’ under the ‘Account services’ menu.
  2. Select ‘Edit’ next to your existing address.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete updating your address.

Do I have to change my address with bank?

Change your address with a bank or financial institution: You need to change your address with your bank so any statements and other important documents go to your new home.

Can we change bank address without address proof?

It is to be noted that whenever the address of customer changes, he/ she is required to submit a proof of new address to the How To Change Address In Bank Of India Account Account Account Account.

How do I get a local address proof?

Aadhaar to the rescue

  1. Government Photo ID cards/ service photo identity card issued by PSU.
  2. Signed Letter having Photo issued by registered Company on letterhead.
  3. Registered Sale / Lease / Rent Agreement.
  4. Address Card having Photo issued by Department of Posts.

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